Social and cultural adaptation

The Centre for International Student Support not only helps students in various difficult situations, but also hosts events, discussions and seminars to help international students successfully integrate into life in Russia, meet other international students, exchange opinions and gain new knowledge in intercultural communication.

Among all the events held by the office, there are regular events: discussions of films in the Russian Movie Club, Intercultural Communication Seminar series, Cultures Day, International Students Conference, etc. Look for new messages in your student e-mail inbox and follow our Telegram channel to stay updated on all new events.

CISS also has a hotline for students. The number +7 (981) 830-15-40 is available for calls and messengers — WhatsApp and Telegram. International students may contact the hotline for advice in any emergency.

HSE University in St. Petersburg hosts more than 30 student’s clubs and projects, and this means that you can easily find new friends by doing what you enjoy doing or trying something new. Here, we have gathered those, who are glad to welcome English-speaking newcomers.

International students

1. Association of International Students

Association of International Students at HSE University in St. Petersburg is an organization bringing together international students at HSE University. Follow us on Vkontakte if you wish to have support and assistance in adaptation in Russia, talk about the culture of your country and get acquainted with the customs and traditions of other peoples.

2. ESN HSE St. Petersburg 

Erasmus Student Network is a non-profit international student organisation represented in 40+ countries. It supports international exchange and helps students enjoy their stay in a foreign country. If you would like to learn more about the opportunities, follow them on their VKontakte and Telegram pages.

Media & Communications

1. HSE Illuminated

HSE Illuminated is an online journal created in English for students by students to provide news, tips and advice, how-to and articles about non-academic activities, campus life, faces and organisations of HSE University in St. Petersburg. Contact Arkadii Naboka or Ekaterina Ershova to share your stories! 

2. Nota Bene Journal 

Nota Bene Journal is a publishing platform created by undergraduate students of Economics. If you want to develop your own economic thinking, then you could check out their VK page or Telegram channel.

3. Talking Crows

Talking Crows is a discussion club that gives students a chance to practice English in a relaxed, informal environment, and to meet new people. Contact them on VK to get more information on the next session’s topic and become a learner or a teacher!


1. Chinese club

Immerse yourself in the world of Chinese culture, meet native speakers, find like-minded people and attend lectures by famous sinologists — all this can be done at the Chinese Club of HSE University in St. Petersburg. Every month, the club publishes dozens of informative articles and notes, invites well-known speakers and organizes university-level events. And of course, the club fully justifies its name — where else at our university can one get so close to Chinese culture? Check their VK page so you won't miss any upcoming events.

2. The Student Scientific Society of the History department  

The Student Scientific Society tries to involve students in the scientific and cultural life of the History department and the university, as well as to help in the implementation of research initiatives. They hold thematic seminars, during which participants can share the best practices of their current research or try themselves in a new field. Participation in the events of the Student Scientific Society gives you the opportunity to start your journey in the academic environment.


1. Hudozhka.hse

Hudozhka.hse is a drawing club with a goal of providing a calming and enjoyable environment to do art. A large variety of art supplies are provided and anyone can have a pleasant place to draw after studies, regardless of skill level.

Hudozhka organizes both regular and special events, so stay tuned and follow the club's activities on their VK page.

2. HSE Dance Club 

HSE dancing queens host dance training three times a week and choreograph dance routines for university-wide and city-wide festivals — check some videos on VK. Everyone is welcome!


1. HSE Board Games Club

The name of this club speaks for itself! The club has board games in English as well as games that do not require any language at all. Contact them on VKontakte to make your move!  

2. Film club 35mm

If you want to watch a meaningful movie and discuss it in a pleasant atmosphere, then you should visit the cinema club. You can find out about upcoming events on their VK page.

Sport & Travel

1. Sport sections

HSE University in St. Petersburg hosts a bunch of sports classes and sections that are open for every student — basketball, gymnastics, sports tourism, athletics and much more. Check the schedule and choose what suits you!

2. HSE Chess Club

A chess club is one of the sports sections of HSE University-St. Petersburg and a place where you can relax, chat with friends, and check your level in chess. For more information, check out its VK page.

3. HSE Trekking Club (St. Petersburg)

Do you like hiking? Never tried but wanted to get into the world of backpacking? Then join this club! Lectures and practical exercises await you, in which you will prepare for trekking, and, of course, thousands of unpaved paths and new places that you will visit.

All the important information and announcements of meetings you can find on our VK page.

4. HSE Contemporary Dance Classes

A studio of modern choreography "Contemporary Dance Classes" has recently opened at HSE University-St. Petersburg. All students, even beginners in dance, have the opportunity to attend classes and have a great time among other dance lovers.

Do not forget to inform a coach at the beginning of the class that you need instructions in English.

You can find the schedule of classes on its VK page.

5. Hermes HSE Sailing Club

St. Petersburg is considered the marine capital of Russia. Already with the first rays of the spring sunshine, the waters of our city are filled with all types of sails — from laconic snow-white to festive scarlet. If your dream is not just to watch ships from the shore, but to test your abilities on real water, learn how to sail yachts of different classes and become a part of the close-knit HSE crew — leave them a message on social media channels and they will contact you soon!

More info on the club's VK page.

6. Northern Raven Ice Hockey Team

The Northern Raven hockey team appeared at HSE University in 2020, but it has a lot of potential and plans for the future. The team plans to participate in the Student Hockey League, so if you have passion for hockey, present hockey team members are happy to welcome you!

More info on the team’s VK page.

The Center for Innovative Entrepreneurship (CIE)

The Centre for Innovative Entrepreneurship is a window into the world of business. With the help of the staff and experts of the Centre, you can start your own business or join a project that will change your life. The Centre organises multiple educational, networking and motivational events for students. During the meetings it is possible to meet interesting entrepreneurs from the number of recent graduates to well-known founders and CEOs of large companies.

Student Council

The student council provides an opportunity to contribute to the future development of our university.

Student Council at HSE University in St. Petersburg is a collegial body that represents the interests of students at all levels. The Council consists of 2 people from each educational programme on our campus chosen by election, as well as representatives of the dormitories, student organizations, international students association, doctoral and master students.

Recently, HSE – Saint-Petersburg Student Council delegates and volunteers worked on:

  • creating and presenting opinions on such topics as dormitory costs and state-funded study spots;
  • providing students with information related to appealing the results of exams, receiving scholarships, choosing minors, project work in our university, etc.;
  • reviewing course syllabuses for all the programs of our campus and developing suggenstions on making study process clearer for students;
  • organizing separate garbage collection in our campus;
  • developing strategy and holding events on improving mental health awareness in our campus;
  • working with NGOs and Laboratory for Reputation Management in Education on Sustainable development topics;
  • and even more!

The full list of student associations and clubs, which welcome English-speaking enrollees, can be found here.

If you speak Russian, you can find a complete list of student clubs by following this link.