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HSE St. Petersburg offers an option of staying in one of the university dormitories.

Dormitories for international students are located:

  • at 21A Zaporozhskaya ulitsa
  • at 21/1 Shevchenko ulitsa
  • at 29 Lensoveta ulitsa

For more information about dormitories, please check here.

Dormitory fees


Monthly payment, rouble

21 Shevchenko ulitsa, Building 1, Saint Petersburg


21A Zaporozhskaya ulitsa, Saint Petersburg


29 Lensoveta ulitsa, Saint Petersburg


Payment methods

Option 1 (old fashion):

  • Get a printed receipt from the dormitory administration
  • Go to the bank with the receipt and pay in cash or by card
  • Bring the receipt with payment confirmation back to administration

Option 2 (like Russians do):

  • Get a bank account at Sberbank
  • Pay online or via mobile app
  • Send payment confirmation to dormitory administration

Option 3 (website):

  • Go to https://pay.hse.ru/en/spb/prg
  • Fill in the required fields
  • Pay by card
  • Save the electronic receipt and send it to the dormitory administration

HSE St. Petersburg dormitories also provide rooms for temporary accommodation of guests — please contact the hostel administration for the accommodation of your parents in advance.

If you have any questions regarding the quality of living in dormitories or issues with roommates please contact the staff of the accommodation office:

Tel.: +7 (812) 644-59-11 (ext. 61740, ext. 61550)
E-mail: oop-spb@hse.ru


There is a canteen in each academic building of HSE St. Petersburg (with price tags in English), as well as bakery & café Granola, where you can enjoy coffee and desserts.

Besides that, you can check out the Mouse Tail coffee shop and fast-food chain Greenbox on Kantemirovskaya ulitsa, 3A. 

Greenbox is now also available at nab. kanala Griboedova, 123.

Lucky for those who live in the dormitory on Ulitsa Zaporozhskaya, 21, there is a coffee shop called Dormitory Coffee.