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The list of documents assessed in the framework of the portfolio competition and candidates for the master's programme "Media Production and Media Analytics"

1. Motivation letter of the candidate

The motivation letter should cover the following areas:

  • education and practical experience of the candidate (work experience before bachelor's degree is not necessary to indicate);
  • the purpose of studying at the master programme, what tasks it will solve;
  • the reasons why the candidate wants to study according to the selected master's programme at the Higher School of Economics;
  • professional plans for the future after graduation;
  • a detailed description of an exemplary media project, which can be carried out following the results of graduate studies (for applicants for a managerial track) and an analytical project (for candidates for an analytical track). In the latter case, it is permissible to be guided by a research project.The total volume of the letter is 3500-5000 characters with spaces (the section on the project is at least 1500 characters).
2. A diploma of higher education (bachelor's or specialty) and an insert to it, as well as all diplomas of additional education.

3. Documents confirming experience in the media and / or in the field of culture / creative industries (museums, cinema, advertising, show business, etc.)

  • for the media: certified transcripts - printouts of media materials (no more than 10), certified by the editorial office (signature and seal);
  • for other types of creative industries: description of projects carried out with the participation of the applicant (providing links to the media with a description of the project and / or on the project website on the Internet;a cover letter, certified by the project manager, describing the nature, timing, type of work being performed / performed by the candidate.
4. Documents confirming the scientific work of the applicant, to which belongs:

  • published articles, abstracts, conference reports (in scientific journals, conference proceedings, etc.) - obtaining a photocopy to identify the fact, nature, year of publication;
  • programs of conferences, symposia, etc. with the data included in them for the authorship of the applicant;
  • certificates of participation in scientific events (conferences, etc.); - Letters from laboratories confirming the applicant's participation in collective projects, etc. with an indication of the volume, type, work done, certified by the leadership of the laboratories.
5. Application for a creative project, an embedded description of the creative project according to the following parameters:

  • potential audience (its specificity) or features of the proposed media platform;
  • description of the concept (fundamental features of the project, its application from implementation);
  • the specificity of the drama of an individual program and / or the project as a whole ("branded" dramatic moves), the regularity of the program's release and timing).
6. Documents confirming participation in specialized competitions (journalism, management, mass communications).

7. Documents confirming participation in a specialized winter school (journalism, management).

8. Documents confirming additional achievements of the applicant:

  • certificates of awarding personal scholarships (the president of the Russian Federation, the rector of the university, any Fund);
  • certificates of participation in internships, summer schools, competitions, etc .;
  • language certificates (certificates with an appropriate level of DALF / DELF, IELTS, TOEFL, DSH / DaF are counted instead of the language entrance exams)
9. Recommendations from representatives of the media industry, scientists, university professors, etc., certified by signature and seal.