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Academic Committee

Academic Committee is a collegial body that manages an educational programme. The Committee makes decisions related to programme contents and implementation. The Committee determines the curricula and approves disciplines’ syllabi, as well as the list of topics for term and graduate papers, and the programmes for final state exams.
Muravyova Kristina Yurievna

Publisher of the magazine “Expert. North-West", candidate of cultural studies

Nikita Argylov

Head of the Media Department, Associate Professor, Candidate of Political Sciences

Andrey Shamray

Head of the programme, associate professor, candidate of political sciences

Olessia Koltsova

Head of the Laboratory of Social and Cognitive Informatics, Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg, Associate Professor, Candidate of Sociological Sciences

Barannikov Andrey Petrovich

General Director of the communications agency SPN Communications

Pilatov Sergey Genrikhovich

Member of the Russian Academy of Advertising, Chairman of the "Association of the Marketing Industry "Advertising Council"

Tretyakov Oleg Alexandrovich

Media manager, founder of the newspaper “Business Petersburg”, editor-in-chief of the Internet portal “Moika78”

Gladkova Anna Alexandrovna

Leading researcher at the Department of Theory and Economics of Media, Faculty of Journalism, Moscow State University, Candidate of Philological Sciences

Demina Irina Nikolaevna

Head of the Department of Journalism and Marketing Technologies, Institute of Culture, Social Communications and Information Technologies, Baikal State University, Professor, Doctor of Economics

Oleshko Vladimir Fedorovich

Head of the Department of Periodicals and Online Publications, Faculty of Journalism, Ural Humanitarian Institute, Ural Federal University, Professor, Doctor of Philosophy

Bodrunova Svetlana Sergeevna

Professor at the Higher School of Journalism and Mass Communications of St. Petersburg State University, Doctor of Political Sciences

Ilya Shakhov

Teaching and Learning Support Specialist