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What Will You Study

Teaching comprises core compulsory seminars of tutors in History and Social Anthropology majors, research seminar and practical training. Students choose disciplines from the list of proposed courses in History and Social Anthropology. The choice of these subjects depends on students’ areas of ​​interest and in particular topics of their MA research, and is made in consultation with individual student’s research supervisor and tutors of the two majors.

Compulsory Key Seminars:

  • Tutors’ seminars in History and Social Anthropology (A. Semyonov and N. Ssorin-Chaikov)
  • Research seminar ’Methodology and Research Design’ (T. Borisova, K. Chunikhin, K. Cherkaeva)

Practical Training:

  • Work on MA thesis 
  • Projects
  • First-year paper

First-year Electives:

  • Early Modern Empires (A. Selin and F. Levin)
  • History of Art (K. Chunikhin)
  • Global History: Introduction (I) (A. Semyonov)
  • Global Inequalities in Historical Perspectives: Introduction to Global History (II) (E. Kochetkova)
  • Science and Society in Early Modern and Modern Europe (M. Loskutova)
  • Historiography of Soviet Societies: Introduction to History and Anthropology (M. Starun, A. Reznik, and E. Kochetkova) (intercampus course)
  • History and Anthropology of Emotions (P. Vasilyev) (intercampus course)
  • Anthropology of Bureaucracy (N. Ssorin-Chaikov and A. Kasatkina)
  • Multispecies Ethnography (K. Cherkaeva)
  • Anthropology of Religion (J. Kormina) (intercampus course)
  • Gifts of Empire (N. Ssorin-Chaikov) (intercampus course)
  • Visual Anthropology (E. Danilko) (intercampus course)
  • Anthropology of the Digital (L. Rakhmanova)

Second-year Electives:

  • 20th Century Personality Cults (A. Reznik)
  • History of Justice (T. Borisova)
  • Historical Urban Studies (A. Bekasova and A. Kraikovski)
  • History of St. Petersburg (E. Anisimov)
  • Cold War Without Politics (E. Kochetkova and K. Chunikhin)
  • Muslims, Society and Power in Russian Empire and the Soviet Union: Caucasus (V. Bobrovnikov) (intercampus course)
  • Anthropocene: Introduction to Global History and Anthropology (III) (A. Bekasova and L. Rakhmanova)
  • Early Anthropology (F. Levin) (intercampus course)
  • Contemporary Islamic Societies: Anthropology of Migration (E. Kapustina and N. Steblin-Kamenski) (intercampus course)
  • Linguistic Anthropology (A. Vlakhov and A. Kasatkina) (intercampus course)