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ID Conference: Thomas F. Remington on Democracy and Economic Inequality

ID Conference: Thomas F. Remington on Democracy and Economic Inequality
Thomas Frederick Remington, Goodrich C. White Professor (Emeritus) of Political Science, Emory University, Senior Research Associate at the Higher School of Economics and Visiting Professor of Government, Harvard University, will give a keynote presentation about the relationships between political and economic inequality at the ID Conference 2020. We have talked to Prof. Remington about his research and expectations for the conference.

ID Conference: Theoretical Aspects of Socio-Economic Equality and Diversity

Photo courtesy of Sergey Akopov
Inequality and diversity are the concepts that not only reveal empirical impact in the world, but also require theoretical and even philosophical deliberation. This is exactly what the discussion during the IDC panel «Theoretical Aspects of Socio-Economic Equality and Diversity» will be about. The session will be moderated by Sergey Akopov, the professor at the Department of Political science and International relations at HSE - St. Petersburg.

ID Conference: Michael Dorsch on Evidence-Based Policymaking

Photo courtesy of Michael Dorsch / Central European University
Dr. Michael Dorsch, the associate professor of Economics and the director of the Master of Public Administration program at the School of Public Policy in Central European University, will deliver a keynote presentation on evidence-based policymaking. We have talked with Dr. Dorsch about his research project, as well as his views on policymaking during the COVID-19 pandemic and shift of academic activities to online.

ID Conference: Matthijs Bogaards on the Politics in the European Union

Photo courtesy of Matthijs Bogaards
Our next keynote speaker of IDC 2020 is Matthijs Bogaards – an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Central European University and a member of the editorial board of the academic journals Party Politics, Democratization, the Italian Political Science Review, and Politics & Governance. He will deliberate on the European Union as a diverse society and the challenges for democracy such a system faces.

ID Conference: Robert Huggins about Cities, Innovation and Behavioural Change

Photo courtesy of Robert Huggins
Our next keynote speaker is Professor Robert Huggins, the director of Research and Innovation, School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University. He will present his research about the transformation of the role of cities, as well as the changes related to the economics of innovation. We have talked to Professor Huggins about his research, the impact of COVID-19 on cities and his attidude towards the online conferences.