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Metaprogramme Skills4Future HSE St. Petersburg


The programme is focused on 4 thematic areas to develop the 4C-s of the 21st century. The students choose to join one of 4 intellectual labs dedicated to the following thematic areas:

  1. The Hipster City is Born. Cultural Production of St. Petersburg in the 2000s (Dr. Margarita Kuleva, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology)
  2. Social Anthropology (Prof. Nikolay Ssorin-Chaikov, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of History) 
  3. Creative Industries (Dr. Julia Trabskaya, Associate Professor, Department of Management)
  4. Youth in the City ( Prof. Elena Omelchenko, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology)

Each Intellectual Lab provides different types of interactive activities (guest lectures, master classes, cases, presentations) and a lot of communication. Each Intellectual Lab is coordinated by an Academic Mentor and Lab Tutors, who will guide the students through the programme. 

Each student of the Intellectual Labs will participate in the guest lectures and master classes as well as contribute to the case study and develop the solutions. The students will work of a particular problem posed by the Intellectual Lab to work out the solutions within each group. The optimal solutions will be discussed within the Lab Presentations and offered to the Final Presentation Session.


Dates - 22.10.2020 - 18.11.2020

Working Language – English

Mode of Study – online (Zoom)

Application period - 05.10.2020 - 23.10.2020


The Online Presentation of the Intellectual Labs was held on 15th October 2020,  below you can see the link to the recording of the live stream:

Metaprogramme "Skills4Future". Intellectual Labs Presentation


N.B.!!! Deadline for the application period is October 23! 


Apply for the Metaprogramme

Programme Aims

Enrollment & Selection

Total number of students

Relevance to the Degree Programme and Assessment

Schedule of Skills4Future Metaprogramme

Intellectual Laboratories


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