Brain: «Intellectual Vyshka»

The club of intellectual games – «Intellectual Vyshka» 

The official club birthday is March 5, 2005, when the club headed by Ilya Trofimov organized the first «‎What? Where? When?» championship among the universities of Saint Petersburg.

During 2005 - 2006, 5 major students' «‎What? Where? When?», «Brain-Ring» and «‎Own Game» tournaments were held. All the events formed a single championship, which was entitled «Intellectual Vyshka». The tournament became All-Russian, as teams from Moscow regularly took part in it, and once a team from Derbent (Dagestan) participated.

Later, the club focused on internal events and since 2008 the internal championship of the same name among students, graduates and teachers of the HSE St. Petersburg is held annually.

The championship contains 5 game days, and all the games are held during the academic year (4 qualifying games and the final). 

In June 2016 the club introduced a unique project: «The prime league of HSE». This is a non-profit project that has its purpose to enable members of the club to feel like the real experts of the TV version game. The club organizing committee prepared all the atmosphere and equipment: accurately recreated the mirror-table, bought the real spinning top (which is used during the TV-version games on the Chanel One) and organized games according to the rules of TV club. The project has no alternative in Saint Petersburg, so it was highly appreciated by the participants. Apart from the internal events and tournaments, the club regularly conducts training sessions, and teams play at the city and state level. HSE Saint Petersburg teams regularly take part in qualifying games and in the finals of the Russian universities’ championship.

Over 15 years of existence of the club:

  • more than 1000 participants;

  • 55 official games, including 4 international tournaments;

  • the club teams have been prize-winners and winners of many city student tournaments and played at the student and adult championships of Russia, as well as in the final of the championship of Russian universities;

  • the players of the club took part, and sometimes even won in the TV programs: "Brain Ring", "The Smartest", "5 in line", "Mind for Mind", etc.;

  • some experts who played in the club are now in the top 10 of the rating of the International Association of Clubs “What? Where? When?";

  • the club is regularly visited by World and Russian intellectual games championship winners, as well as by experts of the television club.

Pay attention! All events are held in Russian language.