Where can I check work for plagiarism?

Courseworks and thesis are mandatory checked for plagiarism, however, at the request of the teacher, even ordinary essays and other homework can be checked. Here you can learn about resources where you can check your work before uploading to LMS:

Service with an extensive database, one of the most used.

Three text verification options: by downloading the program, online or with large volumes of texts (up to 1 million characters per day) for a monthly fee.

Text up to 10,000 characters and up to 20 requests per user per day after registration.

You can check the work not only in Russian, but also in other languages, plus adjust the scan settings.


If a violation of academic norms is uncovered, which casts doubt on the originality of the paper or one of its key parts, the instructor shall grade the paper as ‘unsatisfactory’ or 0 and thus writes an official note to the relevant faculty dean/department head requesting disciplinary action. Such an assignment is considered as failed.