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Behaviour and Environmental Health Hazard

This work package will undertake research aimed at advancing our understanding of health related behaviours that have a major impact on population health and to better understand the effectiveness of public policy interventions. The work package will be based around the advanced statistical analysis of the HSE-RLMS longitudinal data and will develop recent work undertaken by Centre members on Panel Data Attrition, Self-assessed Health, Smoking and alcohol use. The research undertaken in this stream will have close overlap with work packages 1 (new health outcome measurement proposals will be made to the HSE-RLMS), 3 (through the examination of under-reporting of (hidden) illness) and 4 (through the examination of the dynamics of contemporary ageing).

  • Health and labour markets
  • Environmental Health
  • Онлайн среда и здоровье ? Online environment and health



Ekaterina Aleksandrova
Centre Director


  • Stress Research Institute (Sweden)
  • Oxford University (UK)


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