Would you like the opportunity to show off your research?

Gain valuable experience by presenting your work in a supportive environment while demonstrating your excellent scholarship to your teachers and colleagues. Join us for HSE SPb Research Day. You could receive a travel grant for your presentation!

HSE SPb Research Day is a celebration of the research and creative endeavors by our undergraduates, graduate students, doctoral researchers and faculty researchers. Students are generally not aware of the range, variety and nature of all the research taking place at HSE SPb. It’s fascinating and useful for all of us to learn what we do individually.

Presentation format


10 minute presentation talk (max. 5 slides).


Video presentation (10 min)


Poster (A0)

Why participate?

  • Practice communicating about your research or creative work to a general audience;
  • Share your work and findings with people across the University;
  • Access professional development workshops on poster design and presentation skills.

Why attend?

  • Learn about and celebrate the research being done on campus;
  • Cheer on your fellow students and researchers;
  • Come away with new ideas for collaborations or thoughts on choosing your major (for first and second-year students);
  • Get constructive feedback about your research project from HSE SPb faculty members and fellow students.

Evaluation criteria & Prizes

Evaluation criteria

- Research problem relevance;

- Visual delivery of the research results (efficiency and visibility);

- Significance of the research results.


- Academic travel grant to Europe or in Russia;

- Certificates for short-term educational programs at HSE St. Petersburg;

- Bookstore gift certificates.

Important dates

until 11/03/2018 - Registration 

until 19/03/2018 – Selection results and workshops schedule are announced

March 2018 – Preparatory workshops and individual consultations

08/04/2018 – Submission of final presentation files (posters)

10/04/2018 – Submission of final presentation files (slides and video)

April 20th, 2018 – HSE SPb Research Day


Applications are due March 11, 2018 at 23:59 p.m. EST. You will receive an email notification confirming your participation by March 19th, 2018.

Note: To participate in HSE SPb Research Day you must be currently enrolled as HSE SPb undergraduate or graduate student, including exchange studies.

Presentation guidelines

Abstract guidelines

Submissions should be abstracts summarizing the work to be presented (max. length of abstract: 400 words) and should address the following:

  • Research Question / Objective, Conceptual or Theoretical Framework 
  • Methodology / Research Instruments or Data Sources used
  • Conclusions, Expected Outcomes or Findings 

10-minute presentations (PPT or PDF)

HSE SPb Research Day will include short oral presentation format for research presentations. These sessions will consist of a series of 10 min talks with PowerPoint followed by 5 min for questions and transition. If you are interested in presenting your research in an oral format, be sure to indicate this during abstract submission. Only a select number of abstracts will be chosen for oral presentations.

Materials of the workshop on academic presentations:

Presentation slides (PDF, 399 Кб)


Video presentations (AVI)

Utilize standard video format: H.264 codec, 24 or 30 frames per second, Mov or MP4 format, duration maximum 10 min.

Example presentation

Posters (JPG, PDF)

Poster printing format – А0, 720 dpi

(84,1 x 118,9 cm, portrait information)

Additional poster printing requirements:

  • each poster should state the name of the presenting author;
  • legibility, readability, clarity.

Poster presentation may include the following parts: introduction (relevance), study goals and purposes, methodology, key results, discussion, conclusion. The mentioned parts may be presented combined together with the graphic information.


  • For the presentation name –72
  • Headlines –48
  • Main text -24

(Recommendations eligible for the font types Arial, Times New Roman)

Poster templates (PDF, 1,26 Мб)

Materials of the workshop on poster presentations: 

Presentation slides (PDF, 2,56 Мб)


Program Committee

Maxim B. Khomyakov

Deputy Director, HSE St. Petersburg

Natalia Aleshina

Director, Centre for Research Management and Academic Development, HSE St. Petersburg

Tatyana I. Belokolodova

Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil Law and Civil Process, HSE St. Petersburg

Margarita Kuleva

Lecturer, Department of Sociology, HSE St. Petersburg

Sergei Levin

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, HSE St. Petersburg

J.B. Platt

Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Literature and Linguistics, HSE St. Petersburg

Ilona Vadimovna Iablokova

Senior Lecturer, Deparment of Financial Law, HSE St. Petersburg

Anna Fedyunina

Director, Analytical Centre at HSE in St. Petersburg


Viktoria Tolpegina


Kseniya Klimshina