Saint Petersburg School of Law

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Bachelor’s Programme

In the process of studying on the bachelor's program 'Jurisprudence' students receive a fundamental classical education in the field of jurisprudence based on the study of basic disciplines such as: 'Theory of State and Law', 'Roman Private Law', 'Constitutional Law', 'Administrative Law', 'Civil Law', 'Criminal Law', 'Financial Law', 'International Public Law'.

List of all training courses —

Fundamental education is complemented by special professional competencies formed in the process of studying special practice-oriented disciplines (for example, 'Corporate Law', 'Banking Law', 'Land Law', 'Family Law', 'Insurance Law') as well as economic legal profile of individual professional competencies acquired in the study of interdisciplinary economic and legal courses such as 'Financial Law', 'Business Law', 'Law and Economics'.

In the learning process each student has the opportunity to choose their own set of disciplines. The student's curriculum consists of more than 50% of elective disciplines that allow him to design his own educational route.

Examples of curricula for current students of the program —

The organization of the educational process by combining academicism and understanding of the needs of modern society in the training of professionals specializing in specific areas of jurisprudence — it’s an approach that can significantly increase the competitiveness of graduates of the St. Petersburg branch of the National Research University 'Higher School of Economics'. Our graduates have a wide range of employment opportunities for example, in legislative, judicial and executive authorities, local governments, commercial and non-profit organizations.

Master's degree

The faculty implements three master's programs each of which is aimed at an in-depth study of a separate branch of law.