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ESN HSE St. Petersburg Buddies

HSE SPB ESN Buddies: Who are They?

ESN (Erasmus Student Network) is the biggest student organization in Europe that helps students integrate to the local society better. ESN HSE St. Petersburg is an official ESN section. In 2020, they quickly adapted to the new online format, successfully provided help for online students and those who came to Saint Petersburg. They also organized all kinds of online events to make sure that everyone gets a taste of the Russian culture!
ESN also helps you to find buddies – local HSE students, who volunteer to help new international students to adjust to life in Saint Petersburg. Your buddy will meet you upon arrival and you may stay in touch as long as you need help.
What Do They Do?

• Meet you after your arrival and help with settlement issues;

• Help you to get around the city, dormitory and academic buildings;

• Help you with the check-in process at the dormitory;

• Help you deal with administrative tasks as interpreters (e.g. trips to the post office and various official establishments where employees do not usually speak English);

• Help you get a local SIM-card and transportation card;

• Answer your possible questions and give local insights into life in Saint Petersburg!

• Support international students on student life at HSE (online).

What They Don't Do?

• Meet you during night hours (from 9 PM till 9 AM);

• Become your full-time personal assistant;

• Help you with migration and academic issues. These are to be addressed exclusively to international office or the study office of your department.

Request a Buddy

Points to remember

Sexual, physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated at any circumstances at HSE. Offenders will be subjected to disciplinary actions that may include:

a) an official warning;
b) reprimand;
c) expulsion from the University.

Please do not forget that

• Leave your buddy request in advance and account for non-working days (Saturday, Sunday).
• All buddies are volunteers and are not paid for services. Respect their time and personal space!
• All buddies are humans, they may make mistakes and are not almighty.
• In case of any enquiries on the work of buddies please do contact ESN via VK.
• In case of any issues that require HSE University administration's involvement do contact International Student Support Office.


Varvara Tkacheva


Ekaterina Pastukhova


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