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Bachelor’s Programme 'Logistics and Supply Chain Management'

This programme offers training in management of logistics processes for experts who have knowledge of the theoretical fundamentals and laws of economics, logistics methods, and logistics management theory and practice. The programme includes special subjects in all four years of study and uses original teaching methods and materials. Some of the basic subjects taught in English. The most recent tools for automated calculation and modelling of logistical processes are actively used in the programme (e.g., AnyLogic, MathCAD, MATLAB, STATISTICA, SPSS, SimFlex).

4 years
Full-time Programme
106 000 –
350 000 RUB/year
Tuition Fee in 2020
Russian government and HSE scholarships and tuition fee waivers available
Instruction in Russian and English


The updated requirements to pass the physical training course (HSE-Saint-Petersburg)

Talking about changes

«IT WILL BE A PLEASURE AND AN HONOR FOR ME TO TEACH A COURSE AT HSE» - Mr. Wolfgang Kersten Kersten (Professor and Director of the Institute of Business Logistics and General Management at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) – INVITED PROFESSOR of the «Strategic Management in Logistics» Master's Program.

During the working meeting on March 15, 2019, an agreement in principle was reached on holding classes by prof. Wolfgang Kersten in November 2019 with first-year masters in the « Strategic Management in Logistics» program.In his reply prof. Kersten said: «… Thank you very much for your kind invitation to St. Petersburg! It will be a pleasure and an honor for me to teach a course at HSE…».

HAZARD Final Conference (Mitigating the Effects of Emergencies in the Baltic Sea Region Ports) 14-15 March in Tallinn, Estonia

At the invitation of the project manager HAZARD prof. Lauri Ojala (professor of Logistics Operations & Supply Chain Management, HAZARD Project Director, Turku School of Economics) on March 15, 2019, head of the department of Logistics and supply chain management, prof. V.S. Lukinsky and Academic Head of the «Strategic Management in Logistics» Master's Program, prof. V.V. Lukinsky took part in the final conference of the HAZARD project, which was held in Tallinn (Estonia). A project with a total budget of 4.3 M€is closing in spring 2019.

THE OTHER REALITY: a final lesson on the «Digital Logistics, Robotics and Additive Technologies» subject for the masters of the program «Strategic Management in Logistics»

On December 18, 2018, practical classes were held for the masters of the «Strategic Management in Logistics» program of the Higher School of Economics - St. Petersburg in the «DKS Technopark», Tver.

AT THE LEVEL OF THE BEST MASTER PROGRAMS IN LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN ​​MANAGEMENT: the results of the lessons of prof. Harri Lorentz (Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku, Finland) in St. Petersburg

In December 2018, Professor  Lorentz held classes at HSE - St. Petersburg with the masters of the «Strategic Management in Logistics» program in the framework of the  «Integrated supply chain planning» course. 

AT THE LEVEL OF THE BEST MASTER PROGRAMS IN LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN ​​MANAGEMENT: the results of the lessons of prof. Rob Zuidwijk (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands) in St. Petersburg

In November 2018, Professor Zuidwijk held classes at HSE - St. Petersburg with the masters of the «Strategic Management in Logistics» program in the framework of the «Integrated supply chain planning» course. Each meeting with students turned into a fascinating discussion on current research in   Global Supply Chain Design    (global supply chain scenarios while using a quantitative tool), Intermodal Networks (design, planning and execution of intermodal network services), Interorganizational systems in Global Logistics(the benefits of global trade and supply chains), Sustainable Supply Chains (the development of sustainable ports in their role as hub in global networks).

ALL ASPECTS OF LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN ​​MANAGEMENT - outreach seminar for students of the direction of HSE Logistics - St. Petersburg at «Container Terminal St. Petersburg» CJSC, «Logistics-Terminal» CJSC and «Milarin» LLC («Milarin» Group of Companies)

On November 22, 2018, 43 students of the bachelor's program «Logistics and Supply Chain Management» and the master's program «Strategic Management in Logistics» at HSE - St. Petersburg were given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the main characteristics (infrastructure, transport and handling equipment, technology, etc.) of CJSC «Container Terminal St. Petersburg», CJSC «Logistics-Terminal» and «Milarin» LLC («Milarin» Group of Companies).

Results of the seminar "HSE - START: DIRECTION OF LOGISTICS"

On October 30th, 2018, the first seminar "HSE - START: Logistics direction" has taken place which moderators were the deputy director of NRU HSE – Saint-Petersburg F.A. Kazin and the head of the department of logistics and supply chain management V.S. Lukinsky

International Conference “Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication” (RelStat-2018)

The head of the department of logistics and supply chain management, Professor Valery S. Lukinsky, on October 17-19, 2018, has taken part in the international conference “Reliability and Statistics and Transportation” (RelStat-2018) as a moderator of the “Smart Solutions for Supply Chain Management” section, co-rapporteur on the topics: “Assessment of Inventory Indicators for Nomenclature Groups with Rare Demand” and “Increasing Decision Making for Supply Chains”.

Results of the 2018 receiving company for logistics and supply chain management programs of the NRU HSE Saint-Petersburg

The best undergraduate program at NRU HSE Saint-Petersburg has become the  «Logistics and Supply Chain Management»: a competition of 24 people per budget place!