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For the convenience of foreign applicants we have collected the most common questions about the programme on this page.  If you did not find the answer to your question do not hesitate to ask it here and we will answer!

How to enter the programme?

Admission to the programmes takes place completely online through the personal account of the applicant.

For all questions, please contact the Admissions Committee for Foreigners iadmission-spb@hse.ru

What qualifications will be indicated in the diploma?

Students have the opportunity to receive a diploma with two qualifications "Management" and "Economics" (Double major), and a diploma with one of these qualifications.

How and when I choose my qualification? How to get double major?

The possibility of double major can be chosen after the 2nd course.

At the end of 2 course you choose a professional track. In it, some of the disciplines will be mandatory (they form the core of the track), and some will be optional.

For example, the core can be in economics, then in order to get a double major, the elective disciplines must be in management. And vice versa.

The combination of core disciplines and elective disciplines determines the possibility of obtaining 2 specialties in the diploma.

How many places for foreign applicants the program has?

The program has 30 places for foreign students.

Can a foreigner enter the budget? How many points do you need to score to get a budget place?

To enter a state-funded place, a foreign applicant must score the highest score in the sum of two entrance tests for the program.

What is the tuition fee in 2023?

150 000 – 500 000 RUB per year. You can read more about the tuition fee here

How can I get a tuition discount?

A foreign applicant has the opportunity to receive a partial scholarship to cover the cost of education (25%, 50% and 70% discounts).

Detailed information can be found here.

Where can I find out about settling in student dormitories?

All the information about the HSE dormitories in Saint-Petersburg can be found here

What does the "2+2" model mean?

During the first 2 years you learn basic interdisciplinary tracks in the areas of "Economics" and "Management".

During the second 2 years you receive advanced training on one of the professional tracks

More details can be found on our website.

How to pass exams if I am not in Russia?

If the applicant is not in Russia, he or she can sign up in the personal account of the applicant for remote entrance examinations. Detailed information is here.

If a foreign applicant is located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm or Nizhny Novgorod, they can come to face-to-face entrance examinations, the registration for which is also carried out through the applicant's personal account.