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Saint Petersburg International Student Research Forum



 Program of the Saint Petersburg International Student Research Forum (PDF, 5.13 Мб)


 The participants need to bring the passport for registration.

Dear young scholars!
Senior Bachelor and Master’s degree students are invited to participate in the St Petersburg International Research Student Forum which will be hosted by the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) St Petersburg on 4 -5 February 2016.
The Forum will consist of plenary sessions and mini-conferences in the fields of "Economics and Management" and "Social Studies and Humanities". The mini-conferences will examine the following topics:

"Economics and Managemnet" themes:

2nd International Student onference " Sustainable Tourism Development in Changing World

(The Conference is aimed at creating and supporting academic network of young researchers with a professional interest in Tourism and Hospitality.
The conference is an excellent opportunity for students and postgraduates from different countries to communicate and share their experiences

         mini-conference Modern Finance: Risks, Challenges, Values
(Facing with several crises, modern finance has changed rapidly.
There are new challenges: how to reveal global risks? What a company must undertake for risks’ mitigation?
Maybe risks give an opportunity to survive and capture market leadership?
What values and corporate objectives are the attributes of finance? Whose interests financial officers serve?)

        mini-conference Logistics and Contemporary Ways of Development
(At present, along with the traditional logistical objectives such as increasing of supply chain efficiency and decreasing of the logistical costs,
there are goals requiring comprehensive approach, based on scientific understanding of the geographical,
economic and political factors introducing logistics as a main driving force of the economic growth)

        mini-conference Young Scientist Symposium on Applied Data Analysis
(The Young Scientist Symposium on Applied Data Analysis is a conference for graduate and undergraduate students who apply modern mathematical, computer science and statistical methods (
Machine Learning, Network Science, Text Mining) to various areas and problems, i.e. in Economics, Business,
studying Web and Digital Footprints of people behaviour, Computational Social Science and Learning Analytics.
Our symposium is a meeting place to exchange ideas with people
of different backgrounds, discuss your ideas, find new contacts and uncover hidden data sources.
We accept both mature works and works-in-progress, discussing research results, new approaches, and tools, relevant to this broad field)

        mini-conference Economic Growth in Difficult Times
(The mini-conference "Economic Growth at Difficult Times" provides students an opportunity to present their original research papers. There will be several sessions grouped by topics,
and each session will be chaired and moderated by a NRU HSE Saint-Petersburg School of Economics and Management faculty member.
Topics include: Game Theory and Decision Making, Econometrics, Empirical Microeconomics, Growth and Development, International Economics, Labor Economics, Spatial Economics)

mini-conference Management Research and Practice in the 21 Century 
(The purpose of the mini-conference is to foster student research and support the existing culture of research in the department and the university. The conference provides a meaningful vehicle for the preparation and presentation of scholarly works by students, networking, and exchange of ideas. The mini-conference welcomes submissions on a wide range of topics around management)

       "Social Studies and Humanities" themes:

mini-conference Social Research of Computer Games and Virtual Reality 
(The topics covered in this section will include but are not limited to the studies of game communications, game design, concepts of popular games, development and promotion of computer and video games, links between actions in virtual reality with everyday social interaction, violence in games, etc.)

       mini-conference Usable Pasts
(The international history undergraduate and graduate student’s conference “Usable Pasts” organised by Department of History NRU HSE SPb aims at exploring the dynamic field of history
featuring both the efforts of various disciplines in dealing with the pasts and interdisciplinary approaches within the discipline of history. 
The conference embraces a broad variety of research themes,
which deal with material objects in history and their meanings within the framework of heritage and memory studies on the one hand,
and the politics of circulation of historically formed discourses of identity and legitimacy in present-day society, on the other hand)
   mini-conference Does Politics Matter? Political Research on Public Policy
(Master’s Program “Politics and Governance” aims to train high-qualified specialists in the area of political institutes and processes and specialists in public policy management,
public policy projects and political marketing. Taking into account the major students’ interest to prepare and defend high-quality bachelor paper we will focus on
the discussion of the content as well as the methodological design of papers to be presented.
The conference aims at raising substantial as well as methodological issues of students' papers and their research activity)

         mini-conference Sociology in Action
(Young researchers are invited to present and discuss progress in research, development, applications of the topics
related to the contemporary social research and social problems. Participation in the conference provides an opportunity for students to present their research and to exchange
experiences with the specialist from scientific research laboratories of Sociological department of HSE Campus in St. Petersburg)

         mini-conference Synergy in Public Sector Reforms: Lessons, Best Practices and New Horizons
(This Conference will examine public management and governance reforms since the beginning of the new century, and will focus on the challenges
to and prospects of improving the efficiency of the Public Sector in Russia, as well as in others countries.
The key-note speakers will be: Khodachek Alexander, Gerry Christopher, Kravchuk Robert, Leonid Limonov)

Speakers will include leading international academics and researchers from HSE St Petersburg and beyond. Forum participants will receive a certificate of attendance, and the best papers will be individually highlighted.

Participation in Forum is free of charge.
Travel and accommodation costs are at the expense of the sending party.
Registration forms and application deadlines can be found on the webpages of the individual mini-conferences.

The main working language of the Forum will be English.

Submission of applications:Applications to participate in the mini-conferences will be received from 23 November 2015. The deadline for applications is extended until 30th December, 2015. International applications will be reviewed within 1 week.

Registration forms and application deadlines can be found on the webpages of the individual mini-conferences.

Venue: HSE St Petersburg, Building 1A, 3 Kantemirovskaya Street, St Petersburg, Russia


We look forward to seeing you at the Forum!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Forum Organizing Committee