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Daily classes are held in double periods of two academic hours: 1 double period = 2 academic hours = 80 minutes.

1st class 9:30—10:50

2nd class 11:10—12:30

3rd class 13:00—14:20

4th class 14:40—16:00

5th class 16:20—17:40

6th class 18:10—19:30

7th class 19:40—21:00

Academic Calendar

The academic year in HSE starts on the 1st of September and ends on the 31st of August (including classes, graduations, examinations, breaks and holidays).

An academic year is divided into four segments called “Modules”:

Module 1: September 1 — October 28 (pay attention — some master's programmes start on October 1st)
Module 2: October 29 — December 31
Module 3: January 9 — April 1
Module 4: April 2 — June 30

Exams and tests are held during the last week of each module.

You can find the schedule on your educational programme's information stand or website and in the RUZ system. This system is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Study Office

If you have any questions about the educational process (finals, schedules, ratings), feel free to contact your educational programme’s study office!

The study office of each educational programme is a team that will help you effectively solve all organizational issues so you can focus on your studies.

Particularly, in your study office you can:

  • Get acquainted with the curriculum
  • Develop an individual curriculum
  • Get information about the timetable
  • Get information about scholarships and discounts
  • Obtain all necessary certificates and file applications
  • Get information about the student transport card
  • Get advice about all the details of the educational process

The contacts of your study office are available on the programme website.

Important! All necessary and up-to-date information is published on the educational programme’s website by the study office. Kindly make sure to check the site before reaching out to the office: there is a chance you will find the answer to your question there.

Student Mentor & Class Representative

Who represents an academic group in the study office? Who always knows the schedule changes?

Class representative ('starosta') — a contact person within each academic group communicating all study related issues to professors and the study office.

The class representative’s functions are:

  • attending meetings with the faculty and university administration
  • inform classmates about important university and faculty events
  • maintain the record of the academic group's achievements

Group Mentor is a second-year student who helps first years adapt at the university and navigate their first year of studies.

Wi-fi & Email

All university buildings (including dormitories) have free Wi-Fi access.

The duration of one session is 30 minutes.

Login: hseguest
Password: hsepassword

HSE provides all students with a university email address.

To enter your email box please visit edumail.hse.ru.

  • Your login: first letter of your name + your surname@edu.hse.ru.
  • Initial password: Edu + number of your student ID card (no dots, slashes, etc.).

After your first login, the system will ask you to change your password. If you forgot or lost your password, reach out to your study office!

During your stay at the HSE University – St. Petersburg all emails and notifications from your Study Office or faculty will be sent to your HSE email address. Please check it regularly!

You can also apply for access to Dreamspark and download the software available to HSE students!

Learning Management System (LMS) & Teaching Quality Assessment (TQA)

The educational process at HSE – St. Petersburg is carried out using the LMS electronic system.

  • Your login: your university email address
  • Initial password: the number of your student ID card (no dots, slashes, etc.).

The system will ask you to change this automatic password after your first login. Now you have access to the system where teachers can post their materials and tasks, and students can submit their homework. In your personal LMS account, you will only see courses for which you are registered. Please check your LMS account regularly. You can also use settings of your LMS account, which will allow you to receive notifications of all changes in the LMS to your university email account.

The LMS also has such functions as taking tests, exams and TQA, as well as certificates requests, an electronic grade book, and much more.

Teaching Quality Assessment (TQA) is an opportunity to assess your courses and professors. It is mandatory for students to take part in it, and failure to submit the form might result in expulsion. TQA is held at the end of each module in LMS in the "Assess Your Courses" section.

How are my studies assessed?

HSE uses a 10-point scale for studies assessment. Points are awarded based on the results of the ongoing assessment (tests, essays, homework, exams, etc.), as well as for active participation in lectures and seminars.

Here's how school and university grades compare:

ECTS Grades


10-point scale

5-point scale






Very good




Very good































Points for the ongoing assessment are accumulated during the module and are added according to a special formula into a single score for the course. The formula for this assessment is indicated in the course syllabus. The texts of all syllabi are published on your programme's website.

All grades are recorded in the electronic grade book in the LMS.

Student Rating

Rating provides an objective and detailed assessment of your knowledge in all courses over a certain period. The rating position is used to distribute various student benefits.

For fee-paying students, a high position in the ranking can bring a tuition fee discount. Your ranking may also affect your eligibility for popular elective courses, majors, and university-wide electives.

It can also play an important role in deciding whether to grant a student an academic international mobility scholarship.


Electronic pass is a single HSE campus card. You only need to register online following the link to use the card to get books on library subscriptions. In the reading rooms, you can use computers to work or read a book in peace and quiet. Access to electronic resources (full-text e-books and journals) is provided from any computer on campus connected to a local network, as well as in remote access mode from outside the campus. To get a username/password in remote mode, you must fill out an application using the link.

To connect to the corporate printing system, you need to activate your e-pass and make a payment via the HSE – Saint Petersburg Unified payment page or through the Accounting Department. Multifunctional printers (Xerox devices) are located in all HSE – Saint Petersburg campus buildings.

The library staff are always happy to provide you with qualified assistance! Detailed information is available on the library's website.