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The concept of teaching the discipline «Physical education»in 1st semester of 2021 – 2022 academic year

In the 1st semester of 2021/22 academic year all offline classes are held only in the open air: weekend hiking and и orienteering. Nordic walking classes are planned to be added to your timetable, please stay in touch to get the information about the start of these classes.

All students of main and preparatory groups canchoose one option from the list: 

Option 1.

Studying the online course “Physical education”. Students will get a credit if they pass the final test successfully during the session. The test will become available only after completion of the online course.

Option 2 (only for 2nd and 3rd year students).

Self-tuition in fitness centers. To get a credit students must provide a contract and subscription to a fitness class in the current semester.

Option 3.

Synchronous practical P.E sessions in a distant format on Zoom platform.

Students can choose a type of class, their date and time according to the schedule on the website of Department of Physical Training. Here are the suggested types of class: recreational gymnastics, crossfit, yoga. You do not need any special equipment for these classes.

According to all the safety requirements under the P.E classes, students can attend only one online class a day.

Student will get a credit if he/ she will attend 16 hours of courses during the 1st semester. Tracking of student attendance in the electronic book is made in Zoom-chat using QR-codes sent by students.

If a student does not attend 16 hours, he/ she will not get a credit. In order to get a credit under the retaking period, students must complete the missing lectures.

Option 4.

Offline classes with orienteering and weekend hiking. Orienteering gives a 4 hours studyload, hiking – 6 hours.

Option 5 (only for 1st year students).

Synchronous online lectures. There are 4 hours of lectures in the 1st semester.


Hours from option 3 – 5 can be summed up in order to reach 16 hours point to get a credit.

Students of special subgroups А and B are suggested to study an online course «Physical culture». A student can get a credit after he/ she undergoes the test after the online course.

If a student attends therapeutic exercise in a medical organization (polyclinics, convalescent centers, etc.), he/ she can get advanced standing in case of providing a document confirming that a student attended these classes.

Exchange students and students who are allowed to study online, depending on their group can choose one of the following options of the educational process.

Who can get advanced standing:

-                   master of sports, international master of sport, winners and awardee of the Russian Championships;

-                   participants of contests of the regional level and above, including members of campus teams (competition of St. Petersburg Universities, the championship of North-West Federal District, etc.). If the duration of this competition was no longer than 1 day, can get 8 extra hours.

-                   participants of long-term and seasonal contests of the regional level and above including members of campus teams (St. Petersburg Universities championship, contests of North-West Federal district, etc.). If the duration of the competition was more than 1 day, will get extra hours according to the time spent on the competition, by a factor of 2.


The evaluation about students (from 2nd to 4th course) health group (basic, preparatory, special A or B) is established according to the results of the last medical examination. The results are stored at Promyshlennaya, 17, office. 115. Link: https://spb.hse.ru/socq/medpomosh.