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The New Academic Year at HSE University – St. Petersburg

The HSE St. Petersburg administration has issued an order ‘On the specifics of organizing the educational process with the participation of students and postgraduates of HSE University – St. Petersburg in the 2021–2022 academic year’. The order outlines measures to protect students from COVID-19 for the 2021/2022 academic year.

The New Academic Year at HSE University – St. Petersburg

© HSE University — Saint Petersburg

Students of HSE University – St. Petersburg can sign up for the first stage of vaccination at City Сlinic No. 27 (vaccinations are currently available only to citizens of the Russian Federation). Detailed information is available at the link. International students who would like to undergo vaccination should fill in the pre-registration form.

Frequently asked questions

Can I attend classes at the university in person?

All students and graduate students will be allowed to take offline classes at the university, except for those in isolation due to illness or contact with a coronavirus infection.

In-person classes are limited to 60 students per classroom. During classes, it is necessary to comply with the established sanitary and epidemiological requirements (social distancing, mask-wearing, sanitization of hands, etc.)

We recommend you to allocate no more than three days a week for offline classes when scheduling. The final decision on the format of the classes is made by the academic supervisor of the study program.

Minors, “MAGOLEGO” and university-wide electives will remain online.

For students in isolation, classes will be organized using distance technologies and e-learning with transfer to full support of studying in the electronic educational environment of the HSE (LMS).

How will physical education classes be organized?

The offline Physical education classes will not take place in the 1st semester of the 2021/22 academic year.

All students are offered to choose the format:

  1. Studying the online course Physical education classes. The students receive the credits provided they successfully passes the final test.
  2. Visiting fitness clubs personally. The student receive credits in the case of providing a contract and a subscription to fitness classes in the current semester. The option is available only for students of the 2nd or 3rd year.
  3. Synchronized physical education classes in a distance format on the Zoom platform.
  4. Outdoor activities: orienteering, Nordic walking, weekend hikes.

Visit website of the HSE Spb Department of Physical Education and official page on Vkontakte (RU only) for more details.  

I am under 18 years old and cannot get vaccinated - what should I do?

Underage students will be able to enter the university buildings without any restrictions.

You will be notified of the need to get vaccinated one month before coming of age.

How will classes for international students who can’t come to Russia be organized?

Remote classes will be organized for international students who are unable to come to St. Petersburg. When international students are able to come to Russia, they will be subject to the general restrictions on visiting university buildings and the procedure for submitting supporting documents described in points 1–7.

At the moment, there is no opportunity for international students to sign up for vaccination. However, we are monitoring the situation and are taking measures to resolve this issue.

The order mentions accounting of different categories of students and uploading supporting documents. What does it mean?

The university needs to understand the number of students at risk and students in isolation for the most optimal organization of classes and possible adaptation of the educational process based on the situation.

Therefore, it is important to timely record any changes in the following categories of students:

1. Students:

• those who have had COVID-19 within six months of the beginning of classes (September 1)

• those with medical exemption from vaccination against COVID-19

• those who have been vaccinated, including with foreign-made vaccines.

2. Students in isolation’ – those who are self-isolating due to illness or contact with someone infected with COVID-19.

If you belong to the categories listed above, then you should upload the documents confirming the status to the HSE App X mobile application. The form for entering information about your COVID-19 status is available for HSE students from August 23 in the HSE AppX mobile application in the AppStore (for iOS ) or HSE App X in GooglePlay (for Android operating system).

I am not in a “student at risk” category - what documents should I submit?
  1. Those who have had COVID-19 within the last six months should submit a confirming document. You could also issue a "Certificate of the Recovered" at the website "Gosuslugi" in your personal account. We also accept medical certificates in the form 095/y (on a temporary disability, illness, quarantine and other reasons for absence), 025/y (an extract from the medical card of patients on inpatient and in-hospital basis), 027 / y (an extract from a medical card of an inpatient patient). All certificates must be certified by the signature and personal seal of the attending physician.
  2. Those who have medical exemption from vaccination against COVID-19 should submit a certificate from a medical organization about the presence of medical exemption from vaccination, indicating the period.
  3. Those vaccinated, including foreign-made vaccines, should submit a certificate or other document on vaccination, including the one from the "Gosuslugi" portal.

 The document must be in Russian or English. If the document is not in Russian or English, a certified Russian translation must also be submitted.

Documents must be uploaded to the HSE App X mobile application. The form for entering information about your COVID-19 status is available for HSE students from August 23 in the HSE AppX mobile application in the AppStore (for iOS ) or HSE App X in GooglePlay (for Android operating system).

If I am a self-isolated student, will I be able to visit the university's libraries?

Students in self-isolation will not be permitted to visit university facilities, including libraries. You can use the electronic resources of the HSE library. 

More information can be found at: http://library.spb.hse.ru/en/el_resources/. Preliminary online registration is required.

Will vaccination be organized at the University? How exactly?

At the moment, only citizens of the Russian Federation can register to get vaccinated. Currently, foreign citizens cannot register this way.

If you are willing to get vaccinated in Saint Petersburg, you can apply through our Google Form.

Details will be announced later.

We are monitoring the situation and taking all available steps to address this issue.

What vaccines are accepted by the university? Is it possible to be vaccinated with a foreign vaccine?

In the Russian Federation, vaccination is administered only using domestic drugs. However, foreign students can be vaccinated outside of the Russian Federation using foreign vaccines. In this case, they must submit to HSE a corresponding vaccination document issued in the country of vaccination in Russian or English. If the document is not in Russian or English, a certified translation into Russian must be submitted along with it.

Are there any restrictions on checking in/staying in dormitories?

At the moment, there are no restrictions related to accommodation in the HSE – Saint Petersburg dormitories, everyone will be able to move in.

Further possible decisions to restrict the admission to the University hostels will be made on the basis of the epidemiological situation in Saint Petersburg.

Will there be any extracurricular activities for students?

According to the order № dated 29.06.2021, all campus events involving undergraduate and graduate students are prohibited. No date has been set for when these restrictions will be loosened or lifted, so for now we are guided by the fact that at the beginning of the academic year all extracurricular events, regardless of the number of participants, will take place in an online format.

Like in the situation with the dormitories, further decisions will be made based on the epidemiological situation in Saint Petersburg, as well as the statistics on the vaccination of students.