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Visitors Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the library staff: library-spb@hse.ru.

How can I register at the library?

You can register at the Library through this link. Within one working day, a registration confirmation message with library user PIN-code will be sent to your corporate e-mail address. To complete registration, you should show your electronic pass to the librarian on duty when you  visit the library in person.

What is the PIN code used for?

A PIN-code is required to  obtain a login and password for remote access to the HSE library electronic resources and also to be able to use self-checkout/check-in station.

How can I order and receive books from the printed collection?

Option 1

Option 2

  • You may visit the Library in person.
How long can I use the book borrowed?

Deadlines for returning the textbooks are as follows:

  • Module 1 – November, 15;
  • Module 2 – January, 25;
  • Module 3 – April, 15;
  • Module 4 – July, 15.

The loan period for the books from the academic collection is 30 calendar days, but this period can be extended upon request in person or by phone.

To borrow a book, please contact librarian at the informational desk.

If I borrowed a book from one Library division, is it possible to return it in another?

You can return a book to any of the four library divisions.

What happens if I don't return the book on time?
  • You will be denied remote access to the electronic resources;
  • You will not be able to borrow the books from printed collection.
What should I do in case of a book loss?

If you lose a book received from the Library, you are obliged to replace it with the same publication, or to provide an edition recognized by the Library as equivalent.

What are the opening hours of the Library?

The working hours of the reading rooms can be found on HSE St. Petersburg  library website page through this link

What does "In library use" mean?

You cannot borrow books marked with a special red sticker. You can use with them at the Library space and then leave them on the special shelf to continue working with them the next day.

What are the electronic resources of the HSE Library?

HSE Library provides access to a variety of electronic collections relevant to the research areas and curricula of HSE. Online access from all computers on HSE network and from any other location (password-protected remote access) is available for all users of HSE St. Petersburg Library

How can I get remote access to electronic recourses?

You can register for obtaining remote access to electronic resources through this link.

Within one or two working days your login and password will be sent to your corporate e-mail address.

Please note that the password is valid for 180 days. If you try to log in to the HSE Library Electronic Resources after this period expires, the new password will be sent by the system to your HSE corporate e-mail address within a day.

Can I give my password to another person?

Transferring your registration data to another person is prohibited in accordance with the library rules and license agreements.

How can I find documents I need in electronic resources?

First, you can use Publication Finder for finding the full text of a specific e-journal or e-book title or go to the EBSCO Discovery Service website for searching across all e-resources by subject, title, author, key words.

How can I print a document?

In each HSE St. Petersburg building you can find multifunction printers available for copying and printing and scanning.

Where can I find an MFP?       

  • 3A Kantemirovskaya Street – the halls of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor
  • 16 Soyuza Pechatnikov Street – the 2nd floor hall
  • 17 Promyshlennaya Street – the 1st floor hall
  • 55 Sedova Street, Building 2 – the 1st floor hall

How much does it cost?  


  • 3 rubles for an A4 sheet
  • 5 rubles for an A3 sheet
  • Scanning – free of charge

The instruction is available through link on the Library's website.


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