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Visa Information



1. Submit your visa application along with your passport copy to Ms. Daria Gavrilina  - coordinator: dgavrilina@hse.ru phone (812) 644 59 11*61246


Choose one of the tracks below:
1. I travel to HSE – St. Petersburg on a short-term visit, to lecture/take part in a conference, seminar, etc., with honorarium (
ordinary work visa)
2. I travel to HSE – St. Petersburg to work as a faculty member/researcher (
ordinary work visa)
3. I travel to HSE – St. Petersburg to work as a faculty member/researcher as a Highly-Qualified Specialist (
HQS work visa)


Please not that you need to start your application well in advance. Please reserve 48 business days/65 calendar days prior to the start of your employment to complete your visa application process

2. HSE – St. Petersburg prepares a petition to the Russian Migration Service

Up to 3 business days

3. The Russian Migration Service processes the petition and issues a letter of invitation

Up to 20 business days

4. HSE – St. Petersburg sends you the letter of invitation

Up to 7 calendar days

5. Apply to the visa centre indicated in the letter of invitation

Up to 20 business days

6. Receive the Russian visa



Question: What type of visa do I apply for if I am joining St. Petersburg as a faculty member or researcher?
Answer: You need to apply for a work visa.

Question: What is the difference between Ordinary work visa and HQS work visa?
Answer: Both types of visas presuppose that their holder will be paid a honorarium. If their salary is no less than 83,500.00 Russian roubles per month, HSE employees may apply for an HQS visa. For details, please see this page

Question: Do I need to legalize my documents?
Answer: No, if the country that issued these documents is mentioned in this list.

Question: My contract with HSE - St. Petersburg has been extended but my visa expires soon, what should I do to extend my work visa?
Answer: There are two main variants how to extend your visa:

1. Outside Russia: If you plan to leave the Russian Federation, HSE can issue a new invitation letter for you. Please inform Ms. Ekaterina Eliseeva-Dimitrova (eeliseeva-dimitrova@hse.ru) about your plans and submit all the necessary documents. Also before you enter Russia on the entry date per your new visa, please plan you expenses accordingly (visa fees, HIV test, insurance policy, etc.)

2. On the territory of Russia: you should submit required documents to the Russian Migration Service in St. Petersburg to get your visa extended and stay in RF till you get the new visa. Please consult Ms. Ekaterina Eliseeva-Dimitrova (eeliseeva-dimitrova@hse.ru)  about the list of documents necessary for the procedure. Please mind that HSE need to submit your documents to the Migration Service at least 30 calendar days prior to the date your current visa expires.

Question: My contract with HSE - St. Petersburg has been extended but my visa expires soon and I have submitted documents for visa extension to the Migration Service, can I leave Russia before I get the extended visa?

Answer: Per Russian legislation, you have to stay in the Russian Federation till you get the extended visa.

Question: The Russian Embassy in my country requires I provide some details on the institution I am going to visit. 
Name of organization: The National Research University Higher School of Economics - St. Petersburg (HSE-
St. Petersburg for short).
Address: Russia,
Organization TIN: HSE- St. Petersburg Tax Identification Number is 
Directive (telex) number: We do not use telex numbers now. We have our primary phone number: and fax number: (342)

Invitation number: This is usually the identification document number indicated in the invitation you receive from HSE or the Russian Migration Service obtained by HSE for you. The field will allow you to enter the Russian Migration Service number only.


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