Student Science

Scientific students society of History Department in HSE St. Petersburg

Scientific students society of History Department in NRU HSE SPb - is a voluntary uncommercial union of bachelor, MA and PhD students, whose mission is science and research activity. Society was established in autumn of 2018. Currently, it consists of 15 students, who represent the board of trustee in SSS.

Historical scientific society facilitates the development and popularization of History as a science among student of HSE. It intends to make public talks, conferences and active media life. Participants of SSS cooperate with professors of History Department for discussions of scientific and educational events, help student with their research works. SSS also organizes scientific seminars and lectures and communicate with other historical scientific societies in different universities for the development of scientific promotion not only in HSE. SSS is divided on four committees – informational, scientific, organizational and committee of external links.
Pay attention! All events are held in Russian language.

Scientific students society of Oriental Studies Department in HSE St. Petersburg

The Student Scientific Society of the Department of Oriental Studies includes five committees according to the regions of research: Korea, Japan, China and Middle East, South-East Asia and Central Asia.

The SSS aims to develop and promote research activities among students, so it organizes lectures, conferences, seminars and online meetings, helps students with research work and cooperates with various student organizations.

Despite the fact that the society was organized only in September 2019, the organizers held several interesting events, and now they are preparing a scientific conference, in which students not only from HSE St. Petersburg, but also from other universities can participate. In addition, the Student Scientific Society develops activity in social networks and publishes interesting, original and scientifically informative content about Asian and African countries and oriental studies.

The organizers are always happy to see not only Oriental Studies students and SSS members, but also anyone interested in the study of Asian and African countries at the events!
Pay attention! All events are held in Russian language.