HSE Illuminated

HSE Illuminated is an online magazine created for students by students to provide news, tips and advice, how-to and articles about non-academic activities, campus life, faces and organizations of HSE.

The title refers to “Everything Is Illuminated”, a novel by Jonathan Safran Foer, and it should shed some light on the aim of this project. Real students' life in the University is far richer than it looks for the students who don’t speak Russian, so the main goal of this project is to highlight as much information as possible about the life of the university.

HSE Illuminated project is open for everybody — both writers and readers together create common information environment and build an international student community. If you have something to share and you want to make someone's life brighter and more interesting, or you just want to get credits for an interesting project, join the team!


Novodevichii Institute in HSE St. Petersburg 

Novodevichii Institute is HSE’s newest student-led think-tank! Its members hope to carry out high-quality research and equip the youth with the tools to respond to the key challenges facing the new generation. With the goal of writing monthly articles and a research paper on international affairs/economics, it is actively seeking new researchers to fill its ranks. Apply for a position by the 7th of February here

Some more info on Novodevichii Institute:

  • Credits: 8

  • Duration: from January to June

  • Requirement: submit a short motivation letter 

«The Vyshka»

«The Vyshka» is an internet edition created and supported by students. However, this does not limit their agenda to university life only: they talk about city events, economic and political situations, interview unusual or controversial public figures and investigate high-profile scandals. Although «The Vyshka» exists on the basis and with the support of the HSE University, it is not censored and is not afraid to express its position. The main platform is the website, where you can find all the articles and relevant news.

Initially, the editorial office arose in Moscow, and since September 2015 exists in St. Petersburg. Now the role of the main editor is performed by Anastasia Zhigulina, the chief editor is Angelina Silaeva. The team of authors brings together students from various universities of the city, courses and even graduates. The editors also have their own photographers, proofreaders and an SMM-team.
Pay attention! All articles are written in Russian language.


  • «The Vyshka» does not have forbidden topics: the «Invisible HSE» section tells the stories of people who have gone through difficult and non-public situations, and highlights different conflict situations and proceedings.

  • The St. Petersburg editorial board, in addition to the usual articles, produces «only for locals» material: tastings, experiments, and Vyshka-look.

  • There are many success stories after «The Vyshka»: a lot of former authors now work in large media in Russia and all over the world.

HSE Art Union 

HSE Art Union is the organization that brings together photographers, operators and designers who are involved in creating content for university events since August 2014. The photo school, open lectures and masterclasses are available for students within the organization.
Pay attention! All events are held in Russian language.



    The course begins in early September and lasts the entire first semester. The training includes lectures on the basics of photography, photoshop and lightroom, practices in studios in St. Petersburg and joint work at photoshoots outside the university. In order to make the learning process as interesting and productive as possible, organizers invite experienced speakers from the world of photography so that they can share their experience with you.


    The project appeared in 2019 and brought together a large number of students who love to work in front of the camera. The combination of models, photographers and videographers within one club allows all of them to quickly find each other and realize the most daring ideas.

HSE Media Family 

HSE Media Family is an association of creative people who want to develop and share their experience with those who are just starting their way in the field of video creation since August 2018.

They try to create a platform for implementing new ideas by students and consider the coverage of HSE St. Petersburg activities as a practice and a way of getting experience. The organization itself is open for both experienced people in the field of video, and newcomers who want to study video production.
Pay attention! All events are held in Russian language.

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HSE Media Family works in several areas:

  • Coverage of the student life of the HSE St. Petersburg;

  • Realization of creative ideas in a video format;

  • Exchange of experience in the field of video production: from idea and script to shooting and editing.

Nota Bene Journal 

NBJ is an educational platform which was created by several bachelor students in October 2017 in order to set up space where everyone could have a chance to learn more about economics and share their own ideas.

As for their goals, NBJ is focused on popularization and promotion of economic knowledge. However, the platform is not only about the academic achievements, so they are content to invite anyone who shares the interest in discovering how our economy actually works or just get acquainted with the economic approach to different activities that surround us.

All articles and interviews are posted on the Nota Bene Journal website.
Pay attention! All articles are written in Russian language.

If you follow Nota Bene Journal, you could easily find an answer to the questions like:

  • How to plan your educational process: from bachelor to PhD?

  • How to get an internship at a top company and build your career?

  • What are the trends of modern economic science?