International students

ESN HSE St. Petersburg

Erasmus Student Network is a non-profit international student organisation represented in 40+ countries. It supports international exchange and helps students enjoy their stay in a foreign country. Local sections, one of which exists in HSE St. Petersburg campus as well, provide you with an unforgettable experience with Russian culture. They organise a lot of events: pub crawls, suburban trips, parties, national celebrations, language club and so much more! If you would like to learn more about the opportunities, follow the link.


  • meet international students at the airport;
  • become their first friends;


  • help adapt to the new environment;
  • introduce to the local attractions;


  • show shops, banks, shopping and entertainment centers of the city;
  • organize cultural and entertainment events: from the famous pub-crawl to trips to Murmansk, Kazan and Moscow.


The Association of Foreign Students (AFS)

What is the Association of Foreign Students (AFS) and what are its purposes? 
Perhaps, for everyone, the answer to this question will be individual and everyone will find here something for themselves. However, we would like to tell you more about the areas of responsibility of the Association and introduce you to our organization. 

  • The Association of Foreign Student was created to unite all foreign students of the University, where every newly arrived student could feel comfortable. Thus, the organization provides support and assistance in adaptation in Russia. 

  • The Association also seeks and gives everyone the opportunity to realize themselves in a new environment, not only in terms of extracurricular activities but also of career. To do this, a team which searches for possible internships for foreigners in St. Petersburg has been created. 

  • It is also a place where everyone can talk about the culture of their country and get acquainted with the customs and traditions of other peoples. For this purpose, twice a year the AFS holds The Cultures Day – the most multinational event designed to break down barriers between students and to break stereotypes. This is a great platform for communication, where you can participate in joint projects, share your experience in various fields and just find friends. 

The founders of the Association, was also once "green" students who came to conquer peaks. Having overcome all the difficulties of adaptation to the pace of the big city, to the students’ status, they want to share experiences and help foreign students to bridge all sorts of difficulties that can wait for them in the University. Therefore, within the framework of the Association, students hold meetings with applicants in their native countries to prepare children for a new stage in their lives.