Class Attendance

Please kindly note that Physical Education classes are mandatory for all Bachelor students during all 4 years of study.

Types of activities

The Department of Physical Training  is a place where you can join a club of your favourite type of sport. Furthermore, everything has been done to ensure a comfortable workout and physical development.

Our approach to physical training is unique and offers you the chance to develop your own trajectory based on your preferred type of sport, at a convenient time and place, etc.

Here, you can:

  • acquire new skills and improve existing ones, while realizing your ambitious ideas and devising something new;
  • represent HSE University-St. Petersburg at various student competitions and be part of a bigger team of friends!

Sports clubs are available for all students. Here, you can learn to play mini-football or volleyball without any prior experience, try your skills at gymnastics, sports tourism, basketball and other types of sport. You can also try various types of exercise and find what is best for you! Moreover, the strongest, most experienced and athletic will get to defend the honour of HSE University at various competitions.

Class attendance is recorded in e-journals, where you and your instructors can view your activities. You can find more information about the journal here.

Since February 2021, information about the course in Physical Culture is available in the SmartLMS system.

On the Physical Training (2nd semester) website, you can:

  • Learn about the key tracks under the course;
  • Find all of the necessary information on each track (online courses, QR code registration, e-journals on student performance, Zoom classes, document uploads, classes at outside sports organizations, etc.);
  • Submit enquiries directly with teachers who are responsible for your programme and get prompt answers; the course’s homepage features a forum for each degree programme. A list of responsible instructors can be found here.

You can submit your questions to instructors and department head Mikhail Shanskov:

Address:  Office 175, 3A Kantemirovskaya Ulitsa, St.Petersburg;
Tel.: +7 (812) 644-59-11 (ext. 61540);