The Alumni Community at HSE University-St.Petersburg brings together around 10,000 persons, many of whom come back to the University as teachers, staff members, student mentors, and future employers, in order to train the next generations of high-quality graduates from HSE University in St. Petersburg.  

Alumni and Students

If you want to learn more about the Alumni Association, you don’t have to wait four years to graduate. HSE University graduates are in constant contact with our students. For instance, you can use the Random Coffee chatbot on Telegram and get in touch with the Association. Furthermore, you can get in contact with alumni through the following formats:

  • Mentorship Programme

    HSE University-St. Petersburg’s alumni work as mentors for first-year students with a view to providing assistance with their personal development and career planning

  • Consultations

    At HSE University-St. Petersburg’s career events, alumni offer their advice to students about their professional plans. This is a unique opportunity where you can voice your interests and concerns, while also being absolutely sure that you will get feedback.  

  • Lectures and master classes

    HSE University alumni often return to the University as guest lecturers and workshop facilitators, where they share their experience and professional insight.

  • Recruiting

    Talented recruits are always in demand! So, our alumni always love to bring recent graduates onto their teams and are always in search of new interns among our students. This is a wonderful chance for your to work on your hard skills while still a student!

Values of HSE University

  • passion for the truth;
  • cooperation and support for one another;
  • honesty and transparency;
  • academic freedom and political neutrality;
  • professionalism and a focus on personal integrity and responsibility;
  • maintaining an active public position.

Furthermore, HSE University has its own Code of Conduct for its staff. You can take a look at it in your leisure time!

You can learn more here, as well as take part in events and start working on your own network right now!