HSE University Alumni Community in Saint Petersburg brings together all graduates of the St. Petersburg HSE Campus. Community membership is open to all alumni regardless of their graduation year and programme.

Our goal is to create opportunities for building and developing business networks and promoting professional expertise, as well as implementing creative and scientific initiatives. The Alumni Community is a place where you can always stay in touch with the big HSE family, because

'Students for a while, alumni forever!'

  • Being part of the Community means…

    Staying connected with your alma mater

    You keep in touch with the university, participate in the events of HSE University - St. Petersburg, and carry out your own initiatives

    Personal development

    You can implement your own scientific and career projects using university resources

    Professional growth

    You can take advantage of career development opportunities offered by HSE University and its partners

    Ambassador programme

    You can take this opportunity to counsel students, sharing valuable experience with new generations of students in your country

    Loyalty programme

    Alumni Card provides access to special offers from HSE University, as well as partners of HSE St. Petersburg and HSE Moscow

    Implementation of your initiatives

    If you have a project or idea that you would like to implement with the Alumni Community or university, write, call, or visit us. We are open to any suggestions


The Loyalty Programme is a project implemented by the Alumni Community in cooperation with HSE Moscow. The Programme was created to involve alumni in the activities of the Community and the university. It is one of important forms of cooperation between HSE St. Petersburg and its alumni.

University for alumni
Alumni for university


  • Resources

    Libraries, coworking spaces, auditoriums, gyms, canteens, and cafes are open to Alumni Card holders

  • Discounts

    Continuing professional development programmes, participation of your company in the Career Week and many more opportunities are available to HSE University - St. Petersburg alumni

  • Activities

    Opportunity to participate in the events of HSE - St. Petersburg and create your own projects on the university platforms.




Ambassadors of HSE University - St. Petersburg are graduates of HSE St. Petersburg who represent the Campus in their cities and countries. They are the most active members of the Alumni Community, contributing to promoting the university's brand and values.

The Ambassador Programme at HSE St. Petersburg aims to establish and develop business and social networks among graduates of different cohorts around the globe. The Community provides all kinds of support for the ambassador's activities.

  • Being an HSE St. Petersburg Ambassador means…


    presentations of HSE University - St. Petersburg in order to attract new applicants


    in the employment of new graduates in other cities and countries


    local alumni meetings and group reunions; setting up business and career events

  • Decide, which kind of an Ambassador you will be…

    Admissions campaign Ambassador (AA)

    The activities of these Ambassadors are aimed to attract new applicants to the Higher School of Economics in Saint Petersburg. Admissions campaign Ambassadors participate in the presentations of the university and educational programs in educational organizations, and take part in various events (exhibitions, conferences, meetings, etc.) in order to represent HSE.

    Corporate Ambassador (CA)

    Corporate ambassadors are alumnus transmitting the values and traditions of HSE to companies and business communities of their region (country). CA are helping to organize internships and internships for students and other graduates. Corporate Ambassadors are also attracting their companies as partners of HSE. in St. Petersburg.

    You can choose one of the Ambassador's activities or take part in all at once!

    The HSE family is large and we are growing year by year. It is very important to stay in touch with each other, even living all over the world.

  • Amnassadors’ privileges

    Personal and corporate brand promotion

    Special offers within the loyalty programme

    Opportunity to take part in the development of the Alumni Community

  • Contact us to become an ambassador


Anna Kotova

Director of Career Centre

Maria Smirnova

Alumni manager

Valerie Kuranets

Alumni manager


Address: 3A Kantemirovskaya str., Office 2011

Phone: + 7 812 6445910, EXT. 61585

E-mail: alumnispb@hse.ru