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The cost of living in Saint Petersburg

It is somewhat difficult to estimate how much it might take to cover one’s living expenses as it depends on many things, including basic needs and habits. The average cost of living in Saint Petersburg  varies depending on the residential district, which directly affects the cost of rent, use of transport, types of local shops and supermarkets, cafes and restaurants.


Mobile tariffs



Leisure activities and entertainment




Privately rented accommodation is likely to be the main expense and will vary considerably based on the area of living and the type, size and standard of accommodation. Saint Petersburg centre is rather expensive in all respects, including the prize of renting an apartments.

Average monthly rent for a furnished flat is as follows:

Type of apartment

Price per month

One-room apartment

17 000 – 45 000 RUB

Two-room apartment

35 000 – 55 000 RUB

Three-room apartment

50 000 – 100 000 RUB


Payment of a deposit of one month’s rent, to be refunded at the end of the tenancy, is usually required.

Utilities (water, electricity, gas, heating, etc.)

Payment for utilities may be included in the rental price, by agreement with the landlord. If you pay separately, the average cost of utilities per month is 4000 RUB – 10000 RUB.


Almost all rental apartments have Internet accesses and Wi-Fi. The average fee for internet service o

f different providers is 500 RUB – 800 RUB per month.

Mobile tariffs

There are four nationwide mobile service providers in Russia: MTS Mobile, Beeline, MegaFon and TELE 2.

The tariffs they offer are not very different and cost between 350 to 2500 RUB per month.


Besides local stores there are a few supermarket chains in Sainkt-Petersburg, each catering to a different income class. From low- and mid-budget chains, to the upscale provider of, high-quality food and alcohol. Depending on the type of products, the price discrepancy may be considerable. However supermarkets have many locations and one can always find an affordable option.

Here is a price list of most frequently used foodstuff


Price in RUB

Milk (1liter)

70 – 90 RUB

Eggs (12)

70 – 100 RUB

Potato (1 kg)

30 – 60 RUB

Tomato (1 kg)

220 – 250 RUB

Water (1,5 liter bottle)

50 – 60 RUB

500 gr of local cheese

350 – 500 RUB 

Apples (1 kg)

90 – 200 RUB

Orange (1 kg)

90 – 200 RUB

Rice (1 kg)

70 – 90 RUB


There are also several online supermarkets that sell a wide range of products and that differ in regard their conditions of delivery and prices.

Food in Saint Petersburg is relatively cheap, particularly if you buy Russian products. Imported and European goods are much more expensive.


 Transport costs in Saint Petersburg care very affordable and there is no zoning and no time limits to trips.

As of January 2019 the prices for tickets on the Saint Petersburg Metro were:

1-trip ticket

20 trips

40 trips

45 RUB

680 RUB

1300 RUB

 Prices for over-ground transport:

a single fare ticket

One month

40 RUB

1955 RUB


There is also an option for a monthly ticket costing 2900 RUB, which is valid for all ground and underground transport.


  • There are both official and private taxis in Saint Petersburg . The average tariff of official taxis is 350 RUB - 1500 RUB. The prices of private taxis may vary greatly, so it is highly recommended to avoid using their services.

Leisure activities and entertainment

 Saint Petersburg is a major cultural centre of Russia and offers a wide choice of attractions and events.


Ticket price in RUB


250-1200 RUB


1000-5000 RUB


400-1000 RUB


Café and Restaurants

The average price for a business lunch in a café or a combomeal in a fast food restaurant costs about 250 to 500 RUB.

The average total bill in a mid-range restaurant per person is 700 RUB – 1500 RUB.


Russian citizens mostly allocate their children to state nurseries and kindergartens which charge fees of 2500-4000 RUB per month. However, recently there has been a certain rise in the number of private day-care centres, including such offering English speaking staff, which are more expensive. The average monthly fee for a private kindergarten is about 55 000 RUB.

Nowadays Saint Petersburg has a wide selection of top international schools offering British and American curriculum education with a worldwide reputation for quality.

The cost of education in other top international schools in Saint Petersburg depends on the grade level, the time of enrolment, and whether or not a child requires any additional support programmes. The actual fees charged by these schools can only be communicated upon filling out an online application form through their relevant websites.

 All prices are given in Russian Rubles (RUB). In order to get an accurate price estimate in a foreign currency use a money converter like http://www.aonda.com/currency/converter 


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