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Migration regulation

Migration Card

Upon entry to Russia you will be given a migration card, which is usually distributed to passengers on in­coming flights while passing through a passport control and available at arrival points in Russia. 

How do I complete a migration card?

Fill out two identical sections (A and B) of the migration card. The card should be completed using an ink pen without blots or corrections in Russian or English block letters according to your travel document data. Indicate gender in the corresponding column with an "X". Please be sure to indicate the inviting party and the duration of the stay as stated on your current visa.

What should be done with a migration card?

The migration card and passport with visa are handed over to a migration control officer for checking and fur­ther endorsement. Section A is taken by the migration of­ficial and section В is given back to you. The stamp date is considered the first day of your stay in Russia. Make sure that it is legible. A migration card must be carefully kept throughout the duration of your stay in Russia and is given back upon departure. A new migration card must be filled out each time a for­eign national enters Russia.


As a foreign citizen, you must be registered by the General Administration for Migration of the Interior Ministry of Russia  upon arriving in Russia. This registration is proof of your legal stay in Russia, and foreign nationals must show confirmation of their registration together with their passport and migration card to police officers when asked. 

What do I need to submit to be registered?

You should bring the following items to HR department, address: S-Pb., Soyza pechatnikov street, building 16, office 110,  to your coordinator:

a)     a scanned copy of the all pages of your passport

b)     a scanned copy of your current visa (for visa holders)

c)     a scanned copy of your migration card


How quickly do I need to be registered?

Category of foreign nationalsDeadline for registration upon arrival at the place of employmentDeadline for registration in case of business trips or vacation in Russia


7 business days, except for citizens of, Belarus and Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan (up to 30 days) and citizens of Tajikistan (up to 15 days)


This category includes employees who arrive in Russia with an HQS visa or who have converted their visas to HQS visas while in Russia.

If the stay of the HQS visa holder is more than 90 days, he or she must register within 7 business days after the expiry of the 90-day period.

Note: As registration is still needed for some formalities (obtaining a bank card, a health insurance policy, etc.) we kindly request that HQS status holders submit the documents for registration within three business days of their first arrival in Russia.

If the stay of the HQS visa holder is more than 30 days, he or she must register within 7 business days after the expiry of the 30-day period. 

Other visas

7 business days7 business days

Which document confirms my registration?

This document is a registration coupon.You can apply for registration to the administrator of your hotel where you stayed or to your landlord if you are renting a house. Please be careful not to lose this coupon. It is useful to make photocopies of your registration coupon, passport, and migration card to keep in your files. 

 Do I need to reregister if I leave the city/country?

 If you leave Russia within the term of your visa’s validity, you must be registered again following your next entry into the country. 



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