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IT Support

For IT support, please refer to the HSE-St.Petersburg IT Office:

Gross Yurii

The head of IT Department
+7(812)644-59-11 *61000
e-mail: ygross@hse.ru

Ryazanov Vitaliy
The head of IT Support
+7 (812) 644-59-11*61701
e-mail: vvryazanov@hse.ru

 The HSE- St.Petersburg IT Office’s main tasks are to:

·        generate technical specifications and technical statements for the purchase of equipment, supplies and accessories for HSE-St.Petersburg;

·        develop long-term plans for the campus IT infrastructure;

·        carry out equipment acceptance, preparation and installation at work places and in classrooms;

·        ensure performance of HSE-St.Petersburg’s equipment;

·        setup and maintain HSE-St.Petersburg’s staff working places;

·        repair, maintain and upgrade equipment at work places and in classrooms;

·        participate in planning, forming and application of HSE technical policy in choosing personal computers, peripherals, audio, video and copy appliances, and software;

·        maintain accountability for the campus computer equipment, software and supplies;

·        prepare technical statements on discarding failed and out-of-date equipment with subsequent recycling;

·        develop, install, maintain, replace and upgrade software as part of developing new information and educational technologies;

·        build and develop computer networks using the facilities available.

Here you can find applications submitted to for HSE-St.Petersburg users’ support:

Application for workplace connection to workplace network

Address of HSE-St.Petersburg IT Office:  Kanala Griboedova
embankment, 121, room. 404

Phone number +7 (812) 644-59-11* 61000

E-mail: IT-spb@hse.ru


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