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Email Account and Profile Page

Your Email Account

HSE has a corporate electronic mail system, and every employee is allocated an @hse.ru email account. As stipulated by their employment agreements, employees are supposed to use their corporate accounts for all business related correspondence, either directly or through re-direction to other mail services.

How do I activate my email account?
Your faculty coordinator will help you activate your corporate email account. According to internal regulations your login consists of the first letter of your name and your full surname . The first password is generated automatically, but you can change it later.

How to change my password?
Changing the password in OWA (Outlook Web Access) 

How do I access my @hse.ru account from an external computer?
You can access your work email account at mail2.hse.ru from any computer.

How to configure email client for iphones

How to configure email client for Android

Key Regulations
If your user details listed in the Outlook address book (name, phone numbers, position, and department) change, please notify 22222@hse.ru  of these changes within five business days.
When the mailbox content exceeds its, outgoing mail is automatically disabled. All users therefore are kindly asked to archive or delete correspondence and attachments in due time.

How to enable and use the Personal Archive function

How to set up the email archive function
Employees who are out of office on vacation should set an automatic 'out of office' reply specifying their vacation dates and, if possible, the contact details of at least one person owho can assist in regard to work-related issues.

How to activate auto reply

For further information please consult the regulations for corporate email use.

Your Profile Page

All full-time faculty and staff members at HSE have personal profiles on the HSE website. These profiles are accessible to everybody and contain important information such as contact details, office hours, educational background and work experience, courses taught, publications, research interests, etc. A complete list of profiles of HSE faculty and staff are available at http://www.hse.ru/en/org/persons/

Why do I need to have this profile?

Employees are required to provide information and update their profile pages regularly. You are therefore expected to update your page with timely information on new articles accepted for publication in academic journals, book publications, conferences, awards, changes to contact details, etc. In addition, it is a place for you to present yourself to your colleagues and students and to the public in a way that brings all your academic achievements and interests into one place and that is easy to manage.

How do I activate my profile?

Your profile will be generated automatically several days after your work contract takes effect. Once your profile is online you can edit it yourself, but you need to be given access to do so. Ask your faculty coordinator for help or directly submit an application to the HSE Office of Online Media via portal@hse.ru.

How do I edit my profile?

Some elements of your page are connected to HSE databases and certain information is uploaded automatically. Do not be surprised therefore if you find something is already on your page before you even started editing.
To start editing your page, click on the blue man icon on the top right corner of the HSE website (or go to http://www.hse.ru/en/user) and enter your login and password.
Now you are in your personal account. To switch to English click the icon (British flag) in the top right corner. Click 'How it works' to view detailed instructions on editing specific sections of your personal profile page. 



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