St Petersburg School of Art and Design

About the School

The St Petersburg HSE Art and Design School is a division HSE University, which has been named one the 40 best young universities in the world and the best Russian university in the Art and Design category of the prestigious QS-2021 international ranking.

The school offers bachelor's, master's and continuing education programmes. Training is based on a project-oriented approach and close interaction with leading industry professionals. During their studies, students master the language of design, gain experience with real project work, and build a full-fledged portfolio that allows them to quickly find their place in the professional environment.

Alumni of the school include international award winners, employees of successful companies, and high-class professionals in the fields of design, fashion, contemporary art, photography and theatre, programming and game design, media and advertising, cinema, animation, sound art and visual effects.

HSE is not only a giant scientific laboratory, but also a representative expert platform: HSE curators and teachers take an active part in key expert discussions, are members of many collegiate and advisory bodies under the President and the Government of Russia, and are opinion leaders on the most important issues in the fields of education, social politics, health care, demography, the labour market, transport, public administration, technological development.

Competitions, Exhibitions and Internships

Students of the HSE Art and Design School regularly participate in creative exhibitions and competitions. This allows them to fully immerse themselves in their professional life and make significant additions to their future professional portfolio. Students can also participate in HSE’s academic mobility programmes. This is a great chance to gain valuable experience of studying at foreign universities, get acquainted with the educational systems of other countries, communicate with foreign colleagues, improve your language skills and discover new professional prospects.