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For Teaching Faculty and Departments

Dear colleagues,

all learning activities at HSE University are carried out remotely since March 17, 2020. 
We tried to collect the most updated information about it and the latest instructions for you. This page will be updated on a regular basis, you can find further information in HSE University Life
(Last updated 26.04.2020)

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Further Information

Dear colleagues, in accordance with the HSE Rector's Order the classes in all degree programmes will begin on April 6, 2020 both for degree programmes and continuous education programmes. The classes will be organized online until further notice. 

All the university premises exeprt the dormitories will remain closed for students and faculty. In the near future, HR Office and other HSE University administrative divisions will prepare information regarding their operation during the lockdown.

Students’ distance learning

It is recommended to use the following online courses and digital content:

!!! The connection is centrally organized by the programme office should you use online courses of HSE (in Coursera or Openedu.ru) or Coursera provided within the Coursera for Campus programme. The Programme Office makes an application to the HSE eLearning Office, who connects the students and the teacher, if required, to a specialized session within the course. No inquiries from individual departments or teachers will be considered.   

LMS, online.hse.ru or MS Teams are recommended to deliver the learning materials, arrange assessment and distance learning support of students. The features of these resources provide the following:

  • keeping all learning materials (videos, webinars, presentations, notes, links to mandatory and optional literature etc), assignments and links to external resources (i.e. Zoom or webinar.ru webinars);
  •  online communication with the students (chat, forum, emails).

The access to these resources is made by the HSE corporate account, which also enables automatic monitoring of students’ performance. 

!!! Regardless of the resources selected by the teacher, LMS should contain information for the students about where to find learning materials and what tools are to be used for online learning.
MS Teams is an integrated and user-friendly platform which enables students, teachers and staff to invite the colleagues to chat or e-meetings, make calls and work collaboratively. The service is available for all the students, faculty and staff of HSE. In addition to MS Teams, the access to OneDrive cloud storage (up to 5 Tb) and Office 365 subscription are provided.

LMS, online.hse.ru and MS Teams are useful for asynchronous learning.

Zoom, MS Teams and webinar.ru are recommended for synchronous learning (online streaming lectures, seminars in accordance with the schedule).

If you do not have a technical capacity to organize a webinar, please use the OneButton studio, Microsoft PowerPoint or Screencast-O-Matic to record multimedia materials for the classes.  


Starting from the 4th quarter the schedule will only contain synchronous classes:

  • Classes schedules for a specific time (normally these are the lectures or consultations. Students and teachers communicate in webinars by webinar.ru, MS Teams, Zoom etc.)
  • Classes that include ongoing assessment scheduled for a specific time (normally tests);
  • Please find an updated schedule in the HSE e-schedule system (РУЗ). In order to update the schedule please send an email to the Officers (Dispatchers) of the Degree programmes to inform them about the classes are planned. Make sure to indicate the dates of synchronous classes, links to webinars in Zoom, MS Teams, webinar.ru, book a classroom if you plan to stream a webinar on the campus building. Please follow the instructions:

1)        download the schedule of your classes from the e-schedule system:

Ruz.hse.ru (please contact Department Officer if you have issues with downloading);

2)        Inform the Dispatcher of the degree programme if you plan to deliver classes in synchronous or asynchronous mode.

3)        If you opt for synchronous mode, send the links to the webinars and indicate if you plan to organize a webinar in the campus building or another location.

Classes assigned for e-learning activities



Responsible Dispatcher


Griboedova Channel emb, 123

201 (HSE Council Hall), 305, 203, 213 и 202

Anna Demysheva


Kantemirovskaya str, 3а

339 ( Conference Hall ), 353, 354, 355, 356

Anna Lukina


Sedova str, 55

113, 211, 213, 218, 214

Elena Osenkova


Souza Pechatnikov str, 16

219, 303, 308

Daria Scheveleva  


Promyshlennaya str, 17

216, 315, 409

Vladislav Solovyev


Technical support

  • Online learning tools
  • HSE has an unlimited license MATLAB for all the students, faculty and staff. In order to download your individual license to your personal computer, please fill the form. Please note that you should indicate your corporate email @hse.ru (for faculty and staff).
  • IBM has provided the SPSS Statistics license to the HSE students and faculty. The software can be downloaded to the personal computers with a valid license until 15.06.2020. If you need to use IBM SPSS Statistics, please apply in your personal HSE profile lk.hse.ru («Заявка на установку ПО»). You will be provided with further instructions.

Temporary procedures for the submission of staff applications

Temporary procedures for the submission of staff applications (PDF, 70 Кб) 


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