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New Call for International Ambassadors at HSE St. Petersburg

*recommended age
Event ended

We are excited to announce a new call for International Ambassadors at HSE University — St. Petersburg!

As HSE International Ambassadors you will get the following perks and benefits:

  • Free professional training and workshops on marketing, development of presentation skills, leadership skills etc.;
  • Opportunity to get extra credits for participation in the project;
  • HSE branded Hoodies & T-Shirts;
  • Reference letters from the International Office for work or study on request;
  • Teamwork and project work experience;
  • Opportunity for self-PR at HSE electronic platforms;
  • New experience and new people!

You may apply for participation in the program until December 7, 2020.

To become HSE International Ambassador you need:

  • To be an international student: sophomore or senior student of an undergraduate program or 2d year student of a graduate program. 1st-year graduate students may participate if they have graduated HSE earlier. 
  • To make a short video including an answer to the question ‘Why am I willing and able to become HSE SPb International Ambassador?’ and a brief description of projects for our future support. The video should also reflect your commitment to participation in all activities of the program and contribution to strengthening a positive image and developing international cooperation at HSE after becoming an International Ambassador.
  • To compose a resume/CV with reference to the previous experience/volunteering/participation in conferences in the field of international relations.
  • To make sure you have none of the following: 
  • academic debt, disciplinary action and financial debt;
  • To provide us with at least one recommendation from any of the following persons:
  • Faculty Dean;
  • Academic Supervisor of your program;
  • Head of any Department or Research Center;
  • Chair of Student Council;
  • Head of Unit for Student Extracurricular Activities;
  • Head of International office;
  • Director of Centre for Research Management and Academic Development;
  • Chairman of the internationalization Commission.

How to sign up for this programme?

First of all, you should apply for a stand at the Project Fair 'HSE - Saint Petersburg International Ambassador'. Secondly, you should send your video to Yulia Dolgina at ydolgina@hse.ru.

Become HSE International Ambassador

Hurry up! The number of International Ambassadors is limited!