Khan Shayan Ali - Summer school at University of Jyväskylä

This summer between 02 – 09 June 2019, I had privilege to attend summer school abroad at Partner University, University of Jyväskylä in Finland, and that too, as a recipient of International summer school scholarship from HSE.

International summer school in Human Sciences (HSSS) at University of Jyväskylä was truly one of a kind experience for me. Because now after the completion of school, I can say that I have gotten more than just mere ECTS, in fact, a enriched cultural and learning experience, introduction to new research paradigms, lifelong friends, and lifetime memories!

Therefore, I would say HSSS was rewarding in all aspects, social, cultural and academic. Perhaps mainly because the setting of this summer school was in such a way that in a very short span of time, despite coming from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, we were able to break down social barriers and were able to create greater social understanding and better connection between ourselves. Result of this bonding was then propagated in classrooms, in terms of healthy and conductive discussions and collaborations, in which everybody was able to make their fullest contributions.

 The concept of summer school filled my expectations from organization and scope aspect as well. Academically I gained interesting insights on course which correlates with the topic of my thesis. For me, most noteworthy take away would be the confidence this summer school was able to instill in me from the interactions in a supervised and supportive environment. This new-found confidence is not just social, but also academic. Now I feel that I am much better equipped to formulate and channel my ideas in more intelligible manner. For this I would particularly like to give credit to my course supervisors, Prof. Heikki Karjaluoto and Outti Niininen, who encouraged and appreciated me throughout the whole summer school stint.

In the end, I would like to thank HSE for awarding me with this scholarship. Definitely, this scholarship support proved to be a decisive factor in final decision of participation at summer school. Being an International student, I am eternally grateful and humbled. Furthermore, in terms of my academic and professional endeavors, I am sure this award will definitely go a long way in future. I would also particularly like to commend efforts of International Office of HSE Saint Petersburg, for their consistent cooperation and for upholding fairness and vigilance during the whole process. Thank you once again!