Ju Luo - Fudan University summer school

Fudan university is very strong in economics and finance, and Shanghai city is financial and shipping center of china. The tuition fee is 13800 RMB (10% discount) for student from partner university (HSE included). Summer camp started from 15th July and ended on 26th July.
In 10 – days study in Fudan university, I’ve learnt a lot about economics from professors and from books in library.

Summer camp in Fudan university include 12 lectures and 3 company visits.

For lectures, we were given lectures about the reforms of state – owned enterprises, china’s legal environment, china’s population dynamics, unbalanced regional development, the middle – income trap, china’s business environment, overview of china’s financial industry and the one belt and one road initiative and the rise of Asia and middle term growth of the Chinese economy.

On the registration day (14th July), we were given T- shirt and handouts and student card.

On the first day (15th July), dean of school of economics prof. Jun Zhang gave us lectures about overview of Chinese economy. He listed major reform programs inn 1980s, the labor migration and china at the center of global production networks.

On the second day we are taught reforming state - owned enterprises (SOEs) & How SOEs successfully grow: opportunities and challenges. He talked about the development of SOEs since 1954.

In the afternoon, we visited State – owned enterprise BAO- STEEL.

On the third day in the morning lectures were about china’s legal environment and IPR protection. Lecturer distinguished trademarks, trade secrets, patents.

In the afternoon lecturer talked about china’s population dynamics and future challenges. The major problem of China’s demographic problem are aging population and low fertility rate.

On the fourth day, Prof. Dan Li talked about the unbalanced regional development, namely, coastal China is more developed, which can be indicated by the increasing Gini coefficient.

On the fifth day, we gent to Hangzhou, visited a famous private beverage company Wahaha.

On the sixth day, prof. Ma talked about the overview of Chinese society, western blows and the national – building effort in pre- war China, the path to communism, and an overview of reform and opening up.

On the seventh day, Prof. Woo talked about the Middle – income trap.

On the eighth day, we visited Kunshan Industrial park.

On the ninth day, in the morning, prof. Ho talked about the overview of China’s financial industry.

On the tenth day (26th July), Prof. Guanghua WAN talked about the rise of Asia and Mid – term growth of the Chinese economy.

Totally speaking, the topic of this summer camp is about China’s macroeconomics, and the teachers are very famous, for instance, Prof. Wan is working for Asian Development Bank and UN, majoring in poverty reduction. And Wing They Woo has been an economic advisor for several governments. And their publications are in the listed in the Research Gate website. And they said we can write them if we have questions. And fortunately, Prof. Guanghua Wan is going to visit State university of Saint – Petersburg in September, so that we can get access to learn more from him.

As for Shanghai city, it is one of the first -tier cities in China, and Yangtze River Delta area is the most developed area in China. Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Tong Ji University and very close to Fudan university, with student card of Fudan University we can enter into Libraries of these two universities, they are also very famous universities in China and in the world (Shanghai Jiaotong University is about Top – 50 in the World).

In the end, many thanks for support from Our university (Higher school of economics), really want to express thanks for colleagues of international office, because of their effort, we can study in a famous partner university, and have access to so many famous professors and so many books and articles, which are really helpful for my further study.