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Issue № 3 — Marginality

Download the whole issue

In your own words — Issue 3 — Marginality (PDF, 10,97 Мб)

Download the articles

From Narcotism to Menstruation: Marginal Topics in the Historical Field. Interview with Pavel Vasilyev (in Russ with an English abstract, PDF, 1,13 Мб)

Veronika Nikiforova. Postmortem photograph in the 19th Century: The Question of Research Methods and Understanding (in Russ with an English abstract, PDF, 212 Кб)

Kseniia Bespalova. “Taking Care” of Reality: Marginality in Slow Cinema (in Russ with an English abstract, PDF, 297 Кб)

Irina Antusheva, Jan Levchenko. The Phenomenon of Porn Meme in Modern Internet Culture (in Russ with an English abstract, PDF, 2,98 Мб)

Rufina Krasilshchikova. Entertaining periodicals on the margin of decent reading: V.R. Zotov publisher of the “Illyustratsiya. Vsemirnoye obozreniye” and his readers (in Russ with an English abstract, PDF, 296 Кб)

Taisiia Frolova. The Features of Surrealism in the Plays by Anna Ry Nikonova-Tarshis (in Russ with an English abstract, PDF, 583 Кб)

Lyudmila Korotkova. Life Between: Liminality and Amorphousness in the Artistic World of A.V. Ilichevsky (in Russ with an English abstract, PDF, 233 Кб)

Tom Thomas. Edward Said and the Margins. Trans. from English by Tatiana Grinyuk (in Russ with an English abstract, PDF, 306 Кб)

Francisca Loetz. Sexualised Violence in Europe 1520–1850. On the Historicisation of “Rape” and “Abuse” Trans. from German by Elizaveta Gaydukova (in Russ with an English abstract, PDF, 592 Кб)

Ilya Malafei. Negotiating an Asexual Identity in Central and Eastern Europe: A Qualitative Study (in English, PDF, 282 Кб)

“Marginal Texts” Seminar (in Russ, PDF, 1,87 Мб)

Stepan Popov. Several words about “Marginal Texts” seminar (in Russ, PDF, 137 Кб)

“How to read Marginal Texts?” Script of the Seminar from March 20th, 2021 (in Russ, PDF, 257 Кб)

Vladimir Vasil’evich Schastny’s Diaries, 1970–1971. First publ. by Lev Boiarskii. Prep. by Melania Kalinina (in Russ, PDF, 527 Кб)

Stepan Popov. Monsters and marginals of literature and where they come from: reading the diaries of V.V. Schastny (in Russ with an English abstract, PDF, 267 Кб)

Polina Gukkina. Women Leaving the Margins. Review on Natalie Zemon Davis’ Book “Women on the Margins. Three Seventeenth-Century Lives” (in Russ, PDF, 139 Кб)

Alina Taybulatova. Gender order and everyday life of Soviet underground artists. Review on Olesya Avramenko’s Book “Gender in Soviet Unofficial Art” (in Russ, PDF, 145 Кб)

Xenia Cherkaev. The Soviet Emperor’s Relics (in Russ, PDF, 2,68 Мб)



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