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State, Society and Economic Development in Modern Asia

Senior Bachelor and Master’s degree students in Asian and African Studies, as well as students in Sociology, Political Studies, and Economy are invited to take part in the session "State, Society and Economic Development in Modern Asia".

We welcome papers from all disciplines that study state-society relations and economic development in modern Asia, predominantly South Asia and the Middle East, through comparative and international political economy, economic development theory, and comparative anthropological sociology. This theme may be interpreted in variety of ways from problems of traditional historical periodization and the context of retrospective genesis methodology of Asian and African Studies to notions and explorations of the processes that are taking place in contemporary Asia and Africa and other areas of research relating to the modern South Asia and Middle East. Papers may deal with relations between the Russian Federation and Asian countries. The theme invites a variety of lines of inquiry, a number of which are suggested below.

Topics of the session include, but are by no means limited to:

  •   Socio-political history of modern Asia;
  •   Regional aspects of modern political and economic processes in Asia;
  •   General theories and concepts of economic development in Asia;
  •   Asian countries in the world economy system and international relations;
  •   World financial system and financial institutions of Asia;
  •   State, society and ethnicity in Asia;
  •   Migration and diasporas of Asia-Africa area;
  •   International trade and global commodity market conjuncture;
  •   Urban Asia: economic, social and cultural development;
  •   Political process, economic development and cultural identity in East Asia;
  •   National business in East Asia;
  •   Culture and arts of East Asia: society & business;
  •   Religion and development in Asia;
  •   Political process, economic development and cultural identity in the Middle East;
  •   State and economy in CCASG countries;
  •   National business in the Middle East;
  •   Religion and development in the Middle East;
  •   Russia and Asian countries: development and cooperation;
  •   International economic integration and international economic organizations in modern Asia;
  •   Asian countries in the international investments system.



Should you have any questions, please contact organizers of the session via email: miliushina@hse.ru

Milana Iliushina

Professor, Department of Asian and African Studies, St. Peterbsurg School of Social Sciences and Humanities