What to Do in Moscow During the Holidays

There is very little time left before the New Year. Ekaterina Shirmankina invites you to walk in different Moscow places.

What to Do in Moscow During the Holidays

There is very little time left before one of the most important holidays of our country - New Year. The session will be completed soon, and the deadlines are closed. What to do in Moscow during the holidays?

Undoubtedly, the capital of Russia offers an extensive entertainment program for its residents and guests, and the question involuntarily arises: "What place to visit in order to feel the New Year's mood and plunge into the holiday atmosphere?"

What place to visit in order to feel the New Year's mood and plunge into the holiday atmosphere?

If you have not decided yet or do not know, then this article was written especially for you. It offers seven locations that can be divided into two groups. The first group includes more traditional places that one way or another could have been visited by you in Moscow. The second group includes not entirely obvious places that even native Muscovites may not know about.

Traditional places

1 . One of the most traditional places is the so-called "Ice City on Poklonnaya Gora". In this stunningly beautiful place, decorated for the New Year, you can walk under the illumination light, see ice sculptures in detail. Since 2015, the Ice Moscow festival has been held here during the holidays! Unfortunately, the exact dates of the installation of the sculptures are not known, but there is every chance that the last year's schedule will be repeated:

  • Opening: December 27-28
  • Closing of the festival grounds on January 12-15
  • Work daily from 11:30 - 22: 30

New Year's Moscow would not be so colorful without an exhibition of ice sculptures. If you want to get into the atmosphere of a fairy tale, come to Victory Park and see with your own eyes how an ice city (made of ice brought directly from Lake Baikal) with neon illumination will appear on Poklonnaya Gora, and with it - a modern interactive space.

2. Any resident of Moscow knows very well that in order to get the feeling of a holiday, GUM is the right place. The abbreviation GUM stands for the Main Universal Store. This is a kind of large shopping center in the center of Moscow, which faces the Red Square with its main facade. GUM is an architectural monument of federal significance and is in federal ownership. This is understandable, because the building was built in 1893 in the Russian style. What can be found in GUM? It feels like everything in the world. But they come there not only for shopping, but also to look at the beautifully decorated shining shop windows, eat delicious sea buckthorn ice cream and, of course, drink delicious black tea. However, this all concerns the internal structure of the GUM. What else can he please? Well, of course, the well-known GUM Fair.

This is a large number of fabulous houses, on the counters of which guests can find national souvenirs, Christmas balls, decorated felt boots, knitted mittens, Orenburg and Pavloposad shawls and other variety of artistic folk crafts. And among the treats of the GUM-Fair there are a variety of delicacies: spicy hot mulled wine, fragrant sbiten, ruddy Russian pancakes, fried Bavarian sausages, Viennese waffles, Tula gingerbread, fried chestnuts and much more.

3. For lovers of active winter recreation, I suggest visiting the largest skating rink in Moscow and Europe at VDNKh. The total length of the ice cover is simply impressive! It is over 1.5 km. My personal recommendation is to visit this place after winter dusk, as this is when the time for miracles comes. Everything shines with lights, light is reflected in the ice. Every winter, on the skating rink at VDNKh, they arrange a beautiful common space with a corner for lovers near the Friendship of Peoples fountain!

Remember to dress warmly, but even if you suddenly get cold, you can always warm up in the pavilions and drink mulled wine.

The skating rink at VDNKh is loved by everyone: from adults to kids

Untraditional places

1. The first unusual place that I would like to share is the Elk Biostation. Nature lovers will find it interesting to visit this place in winter, because there you can contact with little moose calves and their parents. However, this entertainment is not cheap and requires an appointment. But it's worth it! Walking through almost wild forest snow trails, seeing such beautiful animals as elk close by, petting and hand-feeding them is an unforgettable experience. In addition to moose, there are wild boars and deer on the territory of the biological station.

2. The second unusual place that I would like to share is the skating rink in the forest in Sokolniki Park. It is becoming more and more difficult to surprise the residents of Moscow with the modern lighting or musical design of the skating rink, in the same park they have chosen a completely different path. When the temperature becomes subzero in the forested part near the Golden Pond, the third skating rink is poured. The length of the natural ice cover is slightly less than one and a half kilometers. You can ride even during severe frosts, because there is a teahouse nearby, where you can warm up and have a snack.


It should be noted that admission to the skating rink in Sokolniki Park is free. Moreover, the skating rink is open until late at night. However, it is important to remember that suitable weather conditions are required for the skating rink to work, so it is better to check the current information on its schedule by:

  • Phone: +7 (499) 393-92-22
  • Website: https://trave-l.ru/moscow/katok-v-sokolnikah/

3. The third unusual place that I would like to share is the Mosfilm film studio. Mosfilm is a Soviet and Russian film studio founded in 1923. One of the largest film studios in Europe, on the basis of which the majority of Russian film, television and video products are produced.

Since during the New Year holidays everyone is overwhelmed with a thirst to see something unusual and exclusive, an excursion to the famous Mosfilm film studio may well become such an event. On the territory of the film studio, you will have the opportunity to see with your own eyes the scenery of your favorite and famous films and take pictures in them. It will be interesting to get acquainted with the car park of the film studio, the exhibits of which were used in popular films. And how wonderful it is to take a walk among the cinematic scenery of old Moscow or St. Petersburg!

4. One of the unusual places is the city cultural and educational center "Zaryadye". This is an object in the historical district of Moscow, which was founded relatively recently, namely in 2017. It should be noted that this center covers an area of ​​13 hectares. According to my personal observation, the Zaryadye Concert Hall, which was opened on September 8, 2018, is a must-see since firstly, it became the "Project of the Year" and the winner in the nomination "Best Implemented Project for the Construction of Cultural and Educational Facilities" following an open citywide vote, and secondly, it hosts a large number of various concerts. For example, on December 31, 2021, the Zaryadye Concert Hall has invited all lovers of classical music to a New Year's concert. This evening, the Musica Viva Orchestra and the Intrada vocal ensemble was performed for the guests. The classics, like nothing else, has created a magical festive atmosphere. The concert program included arias from operas by Mozart, Mithridates, Ascanius in Alba, Titus's Mercy, Don Giovanni, fragments of Rossini's opera The Lady of the Lake. This year I suggest you attend a concert by Lena Belkina. This singer, easily embodies any repertoire, from the Baroque to the XX century. I am convinced that this concert will appeal to all connoisseurs of classical music. Tickets for this concert can be purchased at the link.


I very much hope that this article will be very useful to its readers and they will be able to visit at least a couple of places from the list that I have provided. I am convinced that among them there is at least one place that will arouse true interest. Happy New Year, everyone!

Text by

Ekaterina Shirmankina