Must-see Attractions of Beautiful Montenegro

Must-see Attractions of Beautiful Montenegro

Today more countries are opening for Russian tourists. Therefore, lots of people are considering travelling abroad during the summer holidays. In May, Russian tourists got a permission from the government of Montenegro that they can visit the country without having to pass a coronavirus infection test. The only necessity for those people is the presence of the immunity from coronavirus, including the vaccination.

Montenegro is the unique place. It is a small country with beaches that are ringed by the mountains, untouched nature and ancient cities which are worth visiting. One of the biggest advantages is that Montenegro provides the opportunity of budget travel, because the country is not the part of European Union, and the prices are much lower than in the other European resort countries. What is more, Montenegro is rich with its natural reserves. There are 5 reserves that attract ecotourists from all over the world because of their unique nature.

Since I visited Montenegro several times, I’d like to point the places which are must for seeing while traveling there. 



Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is a small, luxurious village with expensive hotels and restaurants, surrounded by a very beautiful beach overlooking the peninsula. It is the pearl of Montenegro that is lost among the clean sea and rocks. This resort is famous for its pristine beaches, a favorable atmosphere for a family vacation and the opportunity to enjoy privacy on the island, that is closed for other tourists.

The mainland is green because of the big number of olive trees growing there. Take a walk in the famous huge luxurious Milocer Park that is located nearby. In the past, it was the place for holidays of the Yugoslav royal family Karadjordjevici. Many exotic plants were brought from all over the world and still delight the eyes of tourists.




Kotor can be named as “Little Italy”. This town reminds of Italy with its narrow old stone streets, medieval architecture, lazy cats lying in the sun and a huge fortress wall in the mountains. Old Kotor is included in the UNESCO heritage list. Thanks to its rich history, the city has managed to save its architectural structures from different eras. A lot of buildings remained safe from the Venetian period of rule. Kotor even hosts an international carnival every year in late July and early August.

Also, Kotor is a port city. Therefore, huge and beautiful liners come there regularly that is an incredible sight. It is pleasant to walk around the city during the day, while there are few tourists. In the city centre you can meet big crowds of tourists that usually leave the city in the evening. If you are ready to get up early in the morning, before the heat, you can climb the fortress on the mountain, where a very beautiful view opens up!




Perast is the city of proud captains, where many Russian nobles were sent by Peter the Great to study the nautical business. The Golitsyns and Repnins were among them. Perast still looks like it is the 18th century outside. Many palaces and churches have survived here. From the Perast Bay two islands can be seen. Tourists are not allowed on the island of St. George. But the man-made island of Gospa od Skrpela is open to everyone. It is exciting to visit, since the locals have been building this island for over 200 years, sinking ships and throwing stones. You can get to the island by boat for 5€. Along the Perast Bay you can also taste delicious oysters, as there are oyster farms around the ancient town.




Durmitor is a national park in the north of the country. This is a totally natural wonder of Montenegro. Huge forests, mountains, lakes, rivers and alpine meadows are spread over a vast area. Durmitor is also under the protection of UNESCO. There are about two dozen beautiful lakes in the park, formed after the end of the ice age. The most visited lake of the Durmitor Park is the Black Lake that can be seen on a large number of postcards and brochures. The locals believe that the Black Lake is very deep and that it hides an ancient monastery in its depths.

Remember that it is noticeably cooler there than on the seacoast: Durmitor is located on a high mountain plateau. The highest mountain in the park is Bobotov Kuk, its height is 2522 m. And the park includes the Tara River canyon, which is the largest in Europe and amazingly beautiful destination.


Travel more and get acquainted with beautiful places of our planet!

P.S. Before deciding to go abroad, check the information about the COVID-19 situation in the exact country. Stay safe

Text by

Liubov Zaytseva