Intersesting Places Near HSE Buildings

Anna Zamaraeva talks about cafes and interesting places near HSE buildings.

Intersesting Places Near HSE Buildings

Soon all HSE campuses will return to the usual rhythm of life. It is based not only on studying but on leisure and entertainments, too. In case you don’t know or forgot where to go after lessons.

Students are usually interested where they can drink coffee and work or chat with friends right after lectures. It should be something attractive and cozy, but not very expensive. Also, some students prefer visiting museums, historical or art places. However, they could not have enough time for a long way after classes. Therefore, they are looking for places near university.

Here you can find my list of place which you could visit near your university.


Marketplace on Myasnitskaya street, 13 in Moscow

This restaurant is near the main building of HSE University in Moscow. So a lot of HSE students could visit it after lectures and seminars with friends. It combines different cuisines like European, Italian, Russian, and Asian. Also, there is an opportunity for self-service. So, if you don’t like long waiting for your order in restaurant, this is your thing. If you enjoy the atmosphere of cooking, open kitchen is one of the advantages too! Marketplace is a good variant for eating delicious food and talking with friends after studying.

Shokoladnitsa on Solyanka, 1 and Tverskaya, 17 in Moscow

There are cafes of Shokoladnitsa near many HSE buildings. This is a nice café with many variants of coffee and tea. Moreover, there you can choose different food and a lot of tasty desserts. Shokoladnitsa offers menu of breakfasts, lunches and dinners. So, if you have break between your lectures, you can go to this café, have rest or discuss your homework and projects with other students. It is a good idea because of really favorable prices for lunches.

Coffeelosophy on Kanala Griboedova Enbankment, 106 in Saint-Petersburg

HSE students who educate in Saint-Petersburg can go to this café. There you could buy coffee in a modern serving or tasty croissants. The café space has stylish design. If you like to post beautiful food stories on Instagram, this café is a great place to make this content.

Roll’s on Ural’skaya Street, 111 in Perm

Students who study in HSE building on Gagarina bulvar could choose this place.

This café has modern design and Asian and other dishes for every taste like rolls and soups. If your birthday is on studying day, you can invite your friends to celebrate it there because of sales for a week before and after your day!

Barelli on Frunze, 21 in Nizhniy Novgorod

If you like traditional Italian food, this is your place! It is a great idea to buy very tasty and attractive dessert before writing a course work. Also, there is a bakery, so you could offer your friends from university to go there and eat fantastic bakings!

Interesting places

Ground Solyanka on Kitay-gorod metro station (Solyanka, 1/ 2) in Moscow

A lot of HSE students educate on Kitay-gorod. If you are interested in modern art, you can visit Ground Solyanka. It is a gallery of contemporary culture directions. Pieces of art are created there, so you can feel the atmosphere of creation. Why not to go there after lessons in university?

Singer House on Nevsky Ave, 28 in Saint-Petersburg

If you study in the building on Kanala Griboedova Embankment and have about half an hour for walking, you can go to the Singer House. This is very picturesque touristic place. It has a great history because later there were the bank, publishing houses, the embassy… Now “The House of the Book” is based there. You can find books of all genres there, for instance, historical or business literature. Also, a lot of souvenirs and nice things like old style postcards and paintings are sold there. The building has six floors, so you can visit not only the book shop but a café with large selection of blinis and many other dishes.

Park of Rosalia Zemlyachka in Perm

It is an enjoyable park where you can walk after your lectures. There is a beautiful fountain in the park. You can sit near it and look for new thoughts and ideas for your education.

Park named after Belinskiy in Nizhniy Novgorod

Students from Nizhniy Novgorod could find a place to collect their thoughts too. You can go to a nice park during a break and work with notes.

We hope, our advices could help you to find an enjoyable place near your campus where you can spend a great time, talk with friends or eat tasty food.

Text by
Anna Zamaraeva