The Best Ice Rinks In Moscow

Anna Zhuravleva talkk about the best Moscow skating rinks.

The Best Ice Rinks In Moscow

Winter was too warm for skating, but spring brought us many snow emotions together with coronovirus fear. The best skating rinks in Moscow of 2020 are good places to feel free of all the fears.

1. The rink at VDNKh is one of the largest rinks in the world. It's already opened since November 22, so you can skate there now. The area of the ice cover at VDNKh is more than 20 thousand square meters, and 4.5 thousand people can skate there at the same time. Almost all major Moscow ice rinks have a skate rent and protective equipment at very affordable prices.

The address: "VDNkh" metro station, Prospekt Mira st., 119.

2. The rink in Gorky Park is one the oldest Moscow rinks and it's also opened since November 22. The ice itself is decorated with different colourful elements, and warm pavilions for boots changing and relaxing are located there for guests' convenience.

The address: "Park Kultury" metro station, Krymsky Val str., 9.

3. The rink on Red Square is probably the most beautiful and famous rink in Moscow. The opening date is November 29, so you can postpone your visit there until the beginning of the magical Russian winter. The prices of the main Russia's skating rink are higher than at other locations, but it's certainly worth visit at least once — to skate there in romantic atmosphere of the evening lights of Red Square and the New year's fair, which will open on November 30.

The address: "Okhotny Ryad" metro station, Red square, 1.

4. The skating rink in Sokolniki Park consists 3 different rinks in one place. The first one is an artificial ice rink called "Ice", which is already opened since November 23, it can work even at above-zero temperatures. Two other natural rinks — "The Giant" and "Fairy tale in the forest" — will be opened in December.

The address: "Sokolniki" metro station, Sokolnichesky Val str., 1, building 1.

5. The skating rink in the Hermitage garden is quite small and very cozy, its area is only 900 square meters. The artificial one is already opened since November 23, and the natural one will be opened in December, as in Sokolniki. Admission is free.

The address: "Pushkinskaya" metro station, Karetny ryad st., 1.

6. The rink in Krasnaya Presnya Park is the brightest rink in Moscow. Beautiful view of Moscow City, food court, workshops and much more — offers "City rink" its guests since November 23.

The address: "Vystavochnaya" metro station, Mantulinskaya st., 5.

7. Skating rink in the Bauman Garden, also opened since November 23, can work up to 10 degrees Celsius. The rink's size is 1000 square meters, and its guests can use the service of a skating school.

Address: "Kurskaya" metro station, Staraya Basmannaya street, 15, building 4.

8. The "Silver Ice" skating rink in Izmailovsky Park occupies a huge area (12,000 square meters) and is always half-empty. Heated locker rooms are also available since 23 November, and free figure skating classes are available on weekends.

Address: "Partizanskaya" metro station, Moskovsky prospect, 4, building 1.

Text by
Anna Zhuravleva