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Top Places To Buy Christmas Gifts And Decorations

Sofia Lyakhova and Sofia Shatokhina know where to buy Christmas decor and presents.

Top Places To Buy Christmas Gifts And Decorations

The best time of the year for every Christmas fan is coming! It is time to decorate your room for New Year’s night. As it is sometimes difficult to find a perfect place to buy all the New Year and Christmas stuff, we created the list of shops where you can find all you need. 

Lambada market

Do you wonder why our article about shops starts with online-shop? Why you can’t order decorations from any other website? It’s simple — because Lambada market is absolutely special. There you can find a limited beautiful things for any purpose, but in Christmas season Lambada offers stunning home-made decoration which you can’t find anywhere else. It’s also the best way to support the craft market and designers beginners. If you have the opportunity to visit the offline market from December 13-15 — don’t miss it! Which things in the interior can look better, than those that are made with love?

Tvoy Dom

It’s not easy to get to every Tvoy Dom’s shop, as they locate in the city suburb, but it’s definitely worth it. There one of the biggest range of Christmas decor for different houses and budgets. The most important thing is not to get lost in such an abundance of garlands and decorative figures. And after the «design shopping», you can go to the grocery store, where they sell gift sets of sweets with the symbols of the Russian New Year – a great gift for friends and relatives from other countries.


When you start talking about home — it’s always all about IKEA. This Swedish shop is a world’s professional of furniture and accessories, and Christmas’ decorations are not the exception. There you can find beautiful tree’s toys, fairy lights, themed sculptures and other amazing things which will make your apartment looks very «Christmasy». And nothing could be better after shopping then Swedish meatballs in IKEA’s restaurant.

Every year IKEA introduces a unique New Year collection to make your holidays extremely cozy, cute and lovely. Decorate your home for the holidays with IKEA and invite guests to share these Christmas mood and emotions with them. IKEA suggests a wide range of products from candles to garlands and wreaths. You can also choose presents for your family and friends there.

Tsvetnoy Central Market

Every year at the -1 floor opens the Christmas Bazar, where different brands — famous and not — set up stands with decorations. Incredible handmade gingerbread, unique Christmas toys, unusual gifts for friends – in the fashionable Department store you can find decorations for every taste and budget, as well as Christmas Souvenirs for relatives and friends.

Supermarkets (Metro/Globus/Auchan)

These huge supermarkets every year shows a range of very cheap holiday decorations. Perhaps in such stores they will not always be too original, but it can be easily corrected. The ideal option is to buy there Christmas attributes, markers and customize your decorations in your special way.

Leroy Merlin

Do not think that Leroy Merlin is a store only of building products. In fact, there you can find a lot of cute accessories for interior decoration at very low prices — for example, minimalist Christmas balls there cost only 11 rubles.

Krasny Cube

In this small chain of stores is not the largest range of toys, but one of the most unusual. If you like original decorations, there you can order toys with your name or even a photo or find garlands with «crazy reindeer» and Christmas «antistress pillows».

Almost always Krasnyy Kub has huge discounts of up to 50%, so it is really economically beneficial to buy Christmas stuff and gifts there. Home and tree decorations, presents for man, woman and kids, toys, pillows, mugs, socks, and figures with the symbol of the year – all of these you can find in Krasnyy Kub.


Every year in one of the largest shopping centers in Moscow opens a New Year's market. Small corners with toys, decorations, gifts, sweets, and other Christmas attributes are placed all around the moll. In addition, a trip to such shopping moll will save a lot of your time – you can buy everything you need at once in one place, while drinking Christmas cocoa, choosing an outfit for New Year's eve and other from to-do list. However, it seems to us, you never regret to spend time on such pleasant worries.

H&M Home

In this mass market of furniture and accessories you can find elegant things for those who really love interior design and dreams to decorate a room like in stylish Christmas movies. The store is full of themed scented candles, tablecloths, napkins, small but elegant garlands and exquisite Christmas decorations – from velvet Christmas balls to gift paper wrappers with unusual prints.

H&M home is a cute place with fragrant aromas and cozy ornaments. New Year is in details that is why you can buy blankets, pillows, and curtains with Christmas ornaments there. In H&M itself you can choose some clothes with Christmas prints such as sweaters with reindeers.

City Bazars

The last but not the least advice – walk around Moscow! And don’t be too shy to go to famous expensive shops like TSUM and GUM. First of all, there is always a possibility that you can find something special and not expensive in such markets. Secondly, there you can find some corners of home-made decorations. And finally – this is the best way to feel the Christmas vibe.


It is not specialized in Christmas gifts but you will not find a place with more New Year’s atmosphere than TSUM. You can enjoy walking through decorated old walls and feel the mood. Moreover, creating New Year's showcases, the creative team of TSUM was inspired by the images of legendary personalities such as Empress Catherine II to represent splendor and wealth. The atmosphere is complemented by objects that can be seen only at the Royal festival: carriages, carousels, mysterious winding stairs going up. So, if you have a lot of money, you can buy decorations and gifts there.

Zara Home

Zara Home also introduces a New Year collection for your home from kitchen to bedroom. Amazing Christmas calendars, candles of all the shapes and forms, candelabras may help to create a cozy and lovely winter atmosphere. You can also find Christmas recipes by famous chefs and tips on how to decorate your home on Zara’s official website.


Respublka is not only a book shop, it sells multiple products, so it is a perfect place to buy gifts for all your relatives. Obviously, you can present books, including kids’ Christmas fairytales. Furthermore, you can buy unusual office stuff, a lot of board games, interior elements such as posters or wall clocks and even vinyl records. If your friend is a creative person, you can present him colors, sculpting, modeling or sewing sets. Besides, if you do know what to give – just buy a gift certificate or card.

Text by

Sofia Lyakhova

Sofia Shatokhina