Places To Eat and Study at Shabolovka

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Recently, new HSE university complex was opened at Pokrovka. Most of the faculties moved to new complex. As for our faculty, we moved to Shabolovka campus. This campus is huge with 10 buildings. Also, there is a lot of buildings that are going through the reconstruction process right now.

One of the problems that I faced was finding the places where I can rest and study. Especially, after the classes it was really hard to find a place where you can buy food and drinks.

Of course, there is a campus map, but no detailed explanation of locations. As I said, there are 10 buildings, but most of them are lecturing halls and offices.

So, I would like to introduce places where you can eat and rest. There are 2 dormitories in the second and fourth buildings. There is a cafe in the fourth building on the second floor. The snack machines are only in the fourth building from the second to fourth floor.

Where you can study? There is only one self-study computer classroom in the third building (3118). Anytime you can use computers for study purposes. Sometimes you don’t have programs that are needed for doing tasks. There is also a co-working space for students in the third building on the first floor near the computer classroom. In co-working space there is small room where you can study alone.

In addition, there are sofas, desks and chairs all over the buildings. Especially in buildings № 2, 3, 4, and 5:

  • Second building

    1st floor

    near 2109 classroom

    2nd floor

    near 2214 classroom

    3rd floor

    near the 2309 and 2316 classrooms

  • Third building

    2nd floor

    near 3214 and 3231-3230 classrooms

    3rd floor

    near 3315, 3317 and 3316 classrooms

    4th floor

    near 3417 and 3414 classrooms

  • Forth building

    3rd floor

    near 4306-a and 4307 classrooms

    4th floor

    near 4424 classroom

  • Fifth building

    4th floor

    near 5414 classroom

    3rd floor

    near 5314, 5310 and 5307 classrooms

During the break, I usually use the snack machine in the fourth building, because it saves my time.

After the classes I often use computer classroom in the third building. Furthermore, there is passageway with sofas, desks and chairs in the third and fourth buildings on the 3rd and 4th floors.

Also, you can actually enter the empty classrooms and study there. I personally recommend the library in the second building, which is located near the dormitory. It is a quiet place where you can fully focus on your task. Furthermore, comfortable seats and computers are provided.

Library’s working hours

Monday- Saturday: 10 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Sunday – a day off

Closed for cleaning on the first Friday of the month

Text by
Peter Choi