Maria Domracheva - LUISS summer school

  A few days ago I returned from a summer study program in Italy at the University of Luiss. First of all, I would like to say a few words about the University. Located the heart of Rome, Luiss specialized in the Social Science to educate over 9,000 students from around the world. University has developed privileged partnership with the business community. What I mostly like in the Luiss University – its educational model which combines academic rigor with practical relevance. Also, it is an English speaking University but mostly teachers are native Italians with a high level of English. So, there are some numbers: Luiss is first among private Italian Universities according to national’s leading ranking system and is ranking in top 100 worldwide universities in Business and Economic spheres.

 In order to participate in the International Educational Program, a HSE student should  prepare for it on his own, but I want to note that the University helps students at all stages of the mobility. Especially since this year, students of our university have the opportunity to receive a scholarship to the summer school, which is very pleasing.

  Now I want to tell about the program itself. It was named “Made in Italy” and my week was devoted to the Fashion Industry. Upon arrival at the university, our tutor met us and conducted a tour around the campus. The next week was entirely devoted to trainings, which included academic rigor and managerial experience. Now, I will tell about the most memorable event - a trip to the factory of Fendi bags (Florence). In addition, we were on an excursion to the Bulgari (Rome) and visited the Trienniale Design Museum (Milan). And what about Fendi? The Fendi bag factory is located in a quiet place, far from the center of Florence. Managers showed us the whole process of creating accessories, from sketches to packaging and shipping. We saw sketches of new collections, the entire manufacturing process, and of course, this is all handmade. So, masterpieces are born in silence.

  It was a great experience and I want to thank both universities for giving an opportunity to expand own boundaries and get to know the world of fashion from inside!