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Frequently Asked Questions

How many courses can I take?

According to the schedule, you may take one introductory short course and one general course. The curriculum is quite intense, and courses are held at the same time, so there is no opportunity to take more classes

How many ECTS credits may I get?

You may get ECTS 3 maximum: 1 ECTS credit for a short course, 2 ECTS credits for a general course. Please note that ECTS are not given automatically: you will normally need to take an exam or fulfill other requirements specified in the syllabus (e.g. prepare a project, participate in workshops regularly etc.)

Till when may I apply for the IPSA-HSE School? When will receive a feedback?

The application period starts on February 20 and ends on April 30. We usually send a letter of acceptance within 15-20 days, but no later than May 5. 

We normally accept all the applications, provided a candidate has all necessary qualifications. However we reserve the right for an application refusal in such cases like: 

- the purpose of the visit is unclear or not related to the Summer School; 
- there are signs that an applicant uses this opportunity for irrelevant goals; 
- all vacant places are occupied

When should I pay? Can I get a refund?

All applicants are to pay the non-refundable registration feeThis fee is never refunded. 

The fee is to be paid within 10 days of the receipt of the acceptance letter from the IPSA - HSE team. Payment deadline extensions can be granted upon request via hseipsa@gmail.com, explaining the reasons for the delay. If an applicant fails to pay in time, her / his application is suspended. 

The fees can be refunded till June 1, 2020 in the following cases: 

- The courses of the 1st and 2nd choice are cancelled, and an applicant doesn't want to enroll into any other courses; 
- An applicant has unforseen circumstances (health issues and other relevant causes); 

Do I need a visa to travel to Russia? Will I receive an invitation?

Most of the foreign citizens are to obtain a visa to travel to Russia. Even if citizens of some countries may enter Russia without a visa (e.g. Brazil), this applies to tourist purposes only. 

Please note that if you travel by a tourist visa / visa-free, you cannot stay at the HSE dormitory and be registered by the HSE. In that case all responsibility for Immigration laws are taken by an applicant him / herself (there may be serious fines and even deportation). 

To be enrolled in IPSA-HSE School, you are to obtain a student (study visa). Please check the Immigration and Visa guidlines here

We are happy to issue you a visa invitation letter. Request for an invitation may be submitted during the registration stage (after getting the letter of acceptance and paying the fee). 

Do I need a health insurance?

All foreign citizens must have a travel health insurance, including life insurance. The insurance should be valid for the whole period of stay

Where can I stay in St. Petersburg?

Due to the Russian immigration laws, all foreign citizens are to be registered within 7 days upon arrival. The registration is a responsibility of the hotels (hostels), HSE - University (in case you stay at the HSE dormitory) or flat owners (AirBnB hosts). In order to be sure that you are registered in time and won't have any problems with the immigration service, we strongly do not recommend to take private appartments or AirBnB.

There are two options of accommodation in St. Petersburg:

HSE dormitories: Dormitories are located in different parts of the city, but still are easily reached from the city center and the School venue. Unfortunately, single accommodation is not availiable at the moment, but this option is the most affordable; 

Hotels / hostels: There are a lot of hotels and hostels in St. Petersburg that offer competitive prices, many of which are located close to the School venue. 

I have another question

Please contact us and we are ready to help you