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Modern Machine Learning

Monday 12 August - Friday 16 August

1 week = 3 ECTS

Course Description

During the course you will learn modern techniques of machine learning and data analysis including algorithms for working with tabular data, reinforcement learning algorithms and deep learning.

Course Content

  • Block 1. Machine learning and analysis of tabular data
  • Block 2.Reinforcement learning
  • Block 3.Deep learning


    The course consists of 10 contact hours of lectures, and 20 lab hours. The final assessment is made on the results of a written test and individual work

    Course Partner

    JetBrains Research


    Python skills are required for all the applicants

    Learning Outcome

    Students will gain skills of classic and modern machine learning algorithms, reinforcement learning techniques, and deep learning.

Course Lecturers

Aleksei Shpilman

Director of Data Analysis and Machine Learning Center, HSE

Rauf Kurbanov

Lead Developer, Neuromation

Aleksandra Malysheva

Researcher, JetBrains Research

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