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The 2nd wave of Fall semester 2020-21call for applications is open now!

List of universities opened for 2nd wave

Please see below the information on the names, country, number of spots, deadlines and scholarships available for the second wave universities.

Statistics on the 1st wave of Call for applications

The information on number of application for the top 25 universitites opened in the 1st wave of Call for applications is given below.

Q&A on the 2nd wave of Call for applications

Find the answers to your questions below

Applications' status in the current call for Fall semester 2020-21 is available here  (last update: 26.03.2020)


Presentation on international academic mobility programs which we used during both offline and online presentations in January. 

Application Step-by-Step

Step 1. Choose your Mobility Programme and mind the application deadlines:

HSE - Saint Petersburg campus-specific mobility programmes: second wave is open now. The deadlines may vary, the deadlines by the universities is given above. 

HSE university-wide mobility programmes (open for students from all HSE campuses; coordinated by campus in Moscow): February 3 - March 9 2020

*NB: Check the early deadlines

Step 2. Check out the list of available destinations within each Mobility Programme and make your selection:

HSE - Saint Petersburg campus-specific student exchange destinations (available for HSE SPb students only)

HSE university-wide mobility programmes (open for students from all HSE campuses; coordinated by campus in Moscow)

Step 3. Prepare the required application package: 

  1.  Formal Application for participation in the exchange program, filled by your Programme Offce Managaer and approved and signed by Academic Supervisor
  2. Individual Study Plan (rus. "ИУП") for each chosen destination approved by applicant’s Academic Supervisor and Programme Office*, with a minimum workload of 9 ECTS per quarter / 18 ECTS per semester.
    *except applications for mobility under the Double Degree tracks
  3. Motivation letter (free form, 400-600 words)
  4. Expenses Estimation Form (approximate expenses can be found at NUMBEO
  5. Language proficiency evidence that meets each host university’s requirements, but not lower than CEFR B2. Confirmation shall be provided in one of the forms as below*:

- a valid International Language Certificate e.g. TOEFL/IELTS/CAE etc. (mandatory if required by the proposed host university)
- HSE Independent English Test result
- Language proficiency confirmation from an appropriate authority, e.g. authorized test center, language school, HSE language instructor (EN_Europass) etc.
- For languages other than English: a Language Proficiency Form / EuroPass ( ex. German ) signed by HSE foreign language instructor

*Students of English-taught degree programmes are awarded B2 level of English language by default and are exempt from this requirement (for English language only) unless they are willing to provide a confirmation of English language proficiency higher than B2

6. (Optional) Supplementary documents proving applicant’s extracurricular / research / teaching activities

! You can learn about the evaluation process of the applications and find information on how to gain additional points here:  Outgoing International Student Mobility Applications Assessment, Scoring and Selection guide !

Step 4. Submit your application online

Apply for HSE - Saint Petersburg campus-specific student exchange

Apply for HSE university-wide mobility programmes

HSE - Saint Petersburg DDP application via LMS

Step 5. Wait for the competition results

  • Evaluation of applications takes around 1 Month
  • Applicants receive notification via email

Step 6. Follow the Pre-departure & Post-Mobility Guidelines

The guidelines will be sent to the nominees via email.