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The Third Wave of Call for Applications for Spring Semester 2019-20

The third wave of call for HSE - Saint Petersburg campus-specific mobility programmes applications for Spring Semester 2019-20 is open now (see the deadlines below):


Please get to know the procedure requirements:

1. The available spots shall be covered on the "first-come first-served" basis. Once received the applications for all the available spots per university, the call for the respective university will be closed

2. You may apply only for one university from the list of available universities for additional call. Please consult the Study Abroad Destinations page for the fields of studies and fact sheets.

3. Only the correct and full packages will be considered  

Apply for HSE - Saint Petersburg campus-specific student exchange

List of available universities:



University Country Spots Deadline Scholarships, if any
University of Naples L’Orientale Italy

1 (Philology)

Courses in English

Information sheet

24.11.2019  Erasmus+
Georg-August-Universitat Goettingen Germany 2 (History) 24.11.2019  
Russian-Armenian University Armenia 5 24.11.2019  
University of Naples "L'Orientale" Italy 5 24.11.2019  
Beijing Technology and Business University China 3 24.11.2019  
La Rochelle Business School France 5 24.11.2019  
Friedrich Schiller University in Jena Germany 2 22.12.2019  

The list of documents required for the additional call (all documents must be in English):

  1. Formal request for participation in the exchange mobility programme, approved and signed by your study office manager or academic supervisor
  2. Preliminary Individual Study Plan approved by your Study Office/Academic Supervisor of your degree programme
  3. Language proficiency statement form (English at least B2 and/or other foreign language depending on the requirements of the host university): Europass signed by the Department of Foreign Languages or valid international certificate (exp., IELTS, TOEFL, etc)
  4. Expenses Estimation Form (approximate expenses can be found at NUMBEO)
  5. Motivational letter
  6. Reference letter (free form) signed by an HSE Saint-Petersburg faculty (e.g. your Academic Supervisor, but not necessarily)


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Got feedback?

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Call for Spring Semester 2020 - List of nominated students after early, regular and additional calls:

List of nominated students for Spring semester after early, regular and additional calls (upd: 13.11.2019)

Dear students! Congratulations on being selected for the exchange mobility programs in Spring semester 2019-2020. We have nominated you to the host universities, so within next couple of days you should receive a letter with the following instrustions from our partners. Therefore, we kindly ask you to check your e-mails regularly, including the "spam" folder. If you don't receive any information within a week after nomination, please let us know via e-mail or by visiting our office.

Application Step-by-Step

Step 1. Choose your Mobility Programme and mind the application deadlines:

HSE - Saint Petersburg campus-specific mobility programmes: September 9 - October 1 2019 (23:59)*

HSE university-wide mobility programmes: August 12 - September 22 2019 (23:59)* 

*NB: Check the early deadlines

Step 2. Check out the list of available destinations within each Mobility Programme and make your selection:

HSE - Saint Petersburg campus-specific student exchange destinations (available for HSE SPb students only)

HSE university-wide mobility programmes (open for students from all HSE campuses)

Step 3. Prepare the required application package: 

  • Formal Application for participation in the exchange program, approved and signed by the Academic Supervisor of your Study Programme
  • Motivation letter (400-600 words)
  • Expenses Estimation Form (approximate expenses can be found at NUMBEO
  • International Language Certificate (if required and available) or a language proficiency statement form ( English or German) signed by your foreign language teacher. NOTE: HSE-based internal IELTS (Независимый экзамен по английскому языку) passed after 2nd year of studies is not accepted
  • Reference letter (free form) signed by an HSE Saint-Petersburg faculty (e.g. your Academic Supervisor, but not necessarily)
  • Preliminary Individual Study Plan for each chosen destination approved by your Study Office and the Academic Supervisor of your degree programme
  • Optional:extracurricular activities certificates: volonteering experience, Erasmus Student Network and Association of International Students participation as a "buddy", etc. 


For further information please get to know Outgoing International Student Mobility Applications Assessment, Scoring and Selection guide.


Step 4. Submit your application online

Apply for HSE - Saint Petersburg campus-specific student exchange

Apply for HSE university-wide mobility programmes

HSE - Saint Petersburg DDP application via LMS

Step 5. Wait for the competition results

  • Evaluation of applications takes around 1 Month
  • Applicants receive notification via email

Step 6. Follow the Pre-departure & Post-Mobility Guidelines

The guidelines will be sent to the nominees via email.