First-year students

Institute of curators 

When the HSE site is already completely revised, the documents are handed over to the admissions office, then the first-year students are met by real, but not certified teachers - curators.

  • Who are the curators?

    Curators are mentors and friends for freshmen - they accompany new students throughout their first year of study in order to help them quickly adapt to the HSE system and student life. The work of the first-year students will flow into the life of the faculty and the campus as a whole largely depends on the work of the curators.

  • How is the process of distribution of curators?

    2-3 curators are allocated to one first-year student group - they work as a team with other curators in their Educational Program (EP) to organize joint activities and timely assistance to first-year students.

  • Do curators interact with each other?

    Curators of one EP interact with curators of other programs. The interaction is carried out through the Council of Responsible Curators (CRC or in Russian - «SOK») and through the general meetings of the curators. In addition, curators are credited to the «SDS» (Studentami Dlya Studentov / Students for Students - a student organization of HSE in Saint-Petersburg, an event-maker of the biggest events, competitions, and parties in HSE) for even greater participation in the extracurricular life of the university.

  • What is the School of Curators?

    The School of Curators is not only an educational event but also a real holiday, which becomes a point of departure in the work of the new generation of curators. At the School of Curators, in a few days, students receive all the knowledge and experience that may be useful to them in work with freshmen, get acquainted with the curators of other EP and come up with their own concepts of work with future first-year students.


  • about 70-80 curators work every year;
  • in 2016 there were 7 curators;
  • the initiators in 2010 were the guys from the Faculty of Management, later they were supported by economists;
  • the first generation of curators worked in 2010-2011.

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